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Summer Market (July 14th - 3:00)


The summer market will take place on Friday, July 14th in the main school hall (new building).

Entrance will be via the hall fire doors by the side of the main entrance. Please come and support this event to raise money for the children of our school. Please note July 14th will also be a non-uniform day in exchange for a chocolate donation.




Sponsored Events in School (Monday, July 10th)

Each class will be participating in a sponsored event to raise money for our PIP (Parents in Partnership). Nursery and Reception will complete a sponsored target challenge whilst Year 1 to Year 6 will take part in a sponsored skip. Please complete and return your sponsor forms, along with the money by July 10th. 



Welcome to 'PIP'!

Welcome to the 'Parents in Partnership (PIP) section of our website!


The aim of PIP is to raise funds for the children of our school whilst also bringing the school community together at the numerous events we plan throughout the year.


We are a group of volunteer parents and carers who meet regularly in school to discuss ideas for projects and activities that could raise money throughout the year.As parents and carers we would welcome any suggestions on how we could raise funds in the future whilst we would also welcome new parents/carers who would like to contribute to our group.. Please feel free to speak to any of us in the school yard around the school drop off and pick up.


Last year we organised:

1) Christmas Fair

2) Easter Fair

3) Summer Fair

4) Recycling of cans

5) Clothing bank

6) Macmillan coffee morning


These events helped us to raise over £1000 which enabled us to make contributions towards some exciting trips that children attended last year. Future spending of funds will be directly led by the children through the school council.

Please continue to support our events, as all the monies raised go towards projects which benefit all of the children in our school.

Meet the PIP Team


  • Mr Litten                                                    
  • Diane Thistleton
  • Tracy Hardy
  • Laura Rimes
  • Isobel Bertie
  • Charlotte McGovern
  • Faith Edjemurae










Dear Friends


My name is Diane Thistleton and I raise funds for Holy Trinity CE Primary School. We are currently raising funds by collecting aluminium cans (alcohol and fizzy drink cans). You can help by saving your empty cans and leaving them in a carrier bag or bin liner, tied up at your front railings or gate which I will collect weekly. In addition to cans we  now also collect any metal, wires or electrical items (With the plug cut off).  This is an on-going venture and I would appreciate your support. I will collect every week including over the Christmas holidays and the next coming year. We also have two brown recycling bins in the school playground. One is in KS1 and the other in KS2 area.

Thank you for your help and support.


Diane Thistleton

Parents in Partnership          





Recycle with Michael