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PE Lessons

Year 4 - Athletics 2017-18

Now the summer has arrived (supposedly) the pupils have started doing athletics in PE lessons. Year 4 have been working on field events on lessons, in particular long jump and shot putt. Pupils worked with a partner and used a scale to self and peer assess. For safety, pupils performed a standing long jump and a basketball for a shot putt. We have some promising athletes in year 4.

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PE with MCFC

Throughout the year Marcus will be working alongside class teachers to develop their PE teaching. Pupils and staff alike are getting a lot from the sessions. This is part of our partnership with MCFC's City in the Community.

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Year 2 Dance - Wang Zhenyi

In PE Year 2 have been creating dance linked to their topic work. It's Wang Zhenyi - significant person they research in history.  She was 18th century Chinese astronomer, poet, activist  and, of course,  mathematician. She explained the lunar eclipse and was obsessed with gravity. She developed trigonometry and calculated celestial movements. The children used climbing and travelling movements, The also span around to imitate Sun, Moon and the Earth.

'City Play' with EYFS

One afternoon a week, some of our EYFS pupils are having extra PE sessions with specialist coaches from MCFC. Last week they were telling the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' through practical movements. This week the have been working on their ABC's (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.)

Year 5 Gymnastics 2016-17

Year 5 have been doing gymnastics in PE this half term. They have been working on sequences containing balances and different types of travelling. Here is some of their work on partner and trio counter balances.

Year 1 Gymnastics 2016-17

Year 1 have been working on balancing on different parts of their body. 

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