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The Urban Crew are 8 Year 5 pupils who have been selected to look after our school. They have to carry out a range of tasks to keep our school safe, healthy and with links to our community. 


We will work alongside Northwards housing and the MCA. It is the MCA who will award us with our qualification at the end of the year (key steps award - part of a qualification that is the equivalent of 2 GCSEs at grade B) 


Here are this year's crew:

Urban Crew

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Holy Trinity Urban Crew Project

Community Visit To

Edward Grant Retirement Scheme.


Residents of Edward Grant retirement scheme in Harpurhey were pleased to welcome the children of Holy Trinity Primary school Urban Crew into their home today so that they could lend a hand and have a chat.


After working really hard clearing the grounds and surrounding area of rubbish & litter, the pupils were rewarded with drinks and biscuits before sitting down with the residents for a talk about their role as members of the Urban Crew Project. The children explained how they give up their own time & work hard to keep their school & community safe and environmentally friendly. They also explained that during intergenerational visits such as this, how they hope to break down the barriers between the 'young & old' in residential schemes across Manchester.


The children & residents discussed different lifestyles for different generations, particularly their school days.  The Urban Crew children gasped as the residents told stories of being slippered or caned for misbehaviour and teachers sometimes dragging them out by their ears and slapping  them on the head or legs, aah  …’the good old days’. They also mentioned having to leave school at the age of 14 years old to begin working in the mills or other jobs, “but there were plenty of jobs around then though”, one elderly resident said.   


Both groups then participated in an interactive ‘Recycling Quiz’, helping each other understand the importance of recycling and learning which items go into which coloured recycling bin. This interactive quizzing tool bag was kindly provided by the Customer & Community Engagement Team at MCC. Both the adults and children alike enjoyed this quiz which rounded off a great afternoon for everyone involved.


The Crew then sang their Apprentice day ‘Buy a Keying’ song which they wrote themselves, much to the delight of our lovely residents. The children then went around to each resident individually to say goodbye.


Scheme Manager for Northwards Housing  Wendy Theaker thanked the Urban Crew on behalf of the residents for all their hard work and said they were welcome back anytime.



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Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit

Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 1
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 2
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 3
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 4
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 5
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 6
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 7
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 8
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 9
Urban Crew clearing leaves and composting fruit 10

Urban Crew ESA Day

Friday 20th March 2015

On Friday 20th March, MCA played host to over 100 children from ten local primary schools as part of the Urban Crew ESA Day.  The Urban Crew project is a citizenship programme which engages year 5/6 children from primary schools within the North Manchester area.  The children take part in various activities throughout the year in order to complete challenges from the ASDAN Key Steps Award, which leads to an accreditation equivalent to one unit of a GCSE.


The ESA Day saw the students taking part in one of three activities; either Fit for Life, The Fit Food Club or The Big Debate.


Fit for Life – Three of the teams gathered in the sports hall and got the chance to try out various different sporting activities as part of a circuit devised by MCA’s Health & Wellbeing staff.  These activities included hurdles, long jump, running and seated throwing.  Staff reported the children were very competitive, keen to improve on their scores with every try.


The Fit Food Club – Three more teams were given a demonstration on how to cook a healthy pasta dish and then got to try this out for themselves.  The group stir fried different types of veg to create a tasty pasta sauce, which they then combined with their chosen pasta and best of all got to eat it at the end of the day!


The Big Debate – Our final four teams were given the statement “Children cannot make a difference to the environment” and went off to research arguments for and against this viewpoint.

After watching a great video clip of the problems faced by the environment, the groups were split into a for and against where they came up with arguments such as “it’s not us 10 year olds who can make a difference, it’s the adults and politicians that need to do something” to those who said “every little helps and we can all make a difference, no matter how small”.  The judges could not choose a winning argument and commended all the children on their hard work.


All of the children really enjoyed the activities and were great ambassadors for their schools throughout the day.  We look forward to welcoming all the groups back to MCA in June to receive their ASDAN awards at the presentation event.




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