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Thursday 24th September


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Wednesday 23rd September


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Tuesday 22nd September

Listen to the story below and complete the task below.

The incredible book eating boy.mp4

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What book would you eat.mp4

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Monday 21st September

Washing our hands is really important because it kills germs and helps keep us healthy.

Nursery have asked if we can help the, They need some handwashing instructions for the new children joining nursery.

Can you write some instructions using the video below. 

Maybe you could provide your own video and email it to us at


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Friday 18th September

Take a look at the stories from Miss Beard and Mrs Skerritt. Click here:

Listen to both and then write a book review and design a new book cover for each books.

Thursday 17th September

What are you good at?

Think about what you are good at. What could you teach me to do? What special skills do you have? What does your family think that you are good at?

Draw a picture and write some sentences telling me what you are good at. Ask your adult at home if they agree. Email us your work and we will upload it on to the class web page.

Here is what Miss Borrell is good at.

Wednesday 16th September

Let's write some instructions. Help Miss Ewa write instructions on how to make an amazing sandwich. Either use Miss Ewa's sandwich to help you write or create your own sandwich at home with the help of an adult.

Remember to use bossy verbs like cut, spread, slice and chop. Remember to email your work and pictures to us at


how to make a sandwich.mp4

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Tuesday 15th September

Thinking about animals. Describe your pet and if you do not have a pet describe your favourite animal. Think about what they look like, where they live, what they eat and what they like to do. Does your pet or favourite animal have a special skill?

You could draw a picture and write some sentences or you could take a picture or even a video. We can not wait to see your work so email it to us on


Miss Ewa's favourite animal is a cat and she has her own cat.

Miss Ewa Pet.mp4

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Monday 14th September 2020:

Draw and label a picture of everyone in your family. Email your pictures to us at

Remember to include any pets you have.