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Year 5



Good morning Year 5. Hope you had a good weekend. It was lovely to speak to lots of you and your parents last week and to hear how you've been getting on. We had to leave a few voicemail messages too so you're obviously keeping busy! We can't wait to see you tomorrow morning when you come in to collect your school reports. Don't forget - The slot for Year 5 is between 10:00 and 10:55 in the KS2 hall. 


See you then! 


Miss Howell & Mr Berry :) 

MONDAY 6th July


Good morning Year 5.... Hope you had a lovely weekend! I just thought I'd share what I've been doing over the last couple of days. I've been checking on my garden - My sunflowers have grown and flowers are now appearing. The bees love them! I'm also growing strawberries and I'm hoping that a few more will ripen this week. I baked my first ever loaf too. It was delicious! 


Well done (again) 5T for winning the latest TTRS battle. Victory and Youssef were the MVP for each class. Come on 5H - We need to pull one back! Keep working hard at it! 


Miss Howell :) 

It has been great to hear from Mateusz, Joshua C, Othniel and Boyan this week. We have enjoyed seeing some of the work and activities that you have been doing at home! There has been another titanic battle on TTRS between 5H and 5T all week. Who will be victorious? Who will be the most valuable players? 


Also - a big welcome to a new member of 5H. Say 'Hi' to Rhema! We will be meeting her properly in September. She has already helped 5H out in the latest TTRS battle! 



Hi Year 5. What a difference a week makes. Last week we had lovely hot sunshine and this Monday it feels like Winter again - BRRRRR! Hope you're all managing to keep busy at home.


A big THANK YOU to Joshua C, Boyan and Ellie who have sent us work that they've been doing at home. It is great to see that people are keeping their skills sharp. An especially big WELL DONE to Joshua C who became Holy Trinity's first ever TRIPLE MILLIONAIRE. Mr Berry and I are so impressed. Keep it up, Joshua! 


5T won the last TTRS battle. Come on 5H - I'm sure that you can win the next one if enough of the class take part.


Keep smiling and stay safe,


Miss Howell :) 

MONDAY 22nd June


Hello Year 5..... Yesterday was the longest day with the most hours of daylight so we hope that you spent it productively. I'm starting my message by saying a HUGE well done to Michaela in 5H who has become the latest AR millionaire - a great achievement.... Who will be next? It could be Chinelo who has read an awesome 140 books this year. She has also passed all 140 quizzes so that makes it even more impressive! Don't forget to do loads of reading. You can read books at home or use Myon to read and quiz online. 


Have a good week and don't forget that you can get in touch with us by email on 

If you have no email account, you could write a letter or a postcard and send it to the school address. We will reply to every message that we get... 


Miss Howell :) 

5H v 5T

TTRS BATTLE - Well done (again!) 5T on victory in the latest battle. However, 5H were much closer this time. Come on 5H - You can do it next time! 


5H - 53, 397        MVP - Obinna, Kai M & Excellent

5T - 54, 287        MVP - Youseff, Chinelo & Joshua C



5H - 8, 600, 264 words 

5T - 7, 495, 399 words


Don't forget that there are loads of different books to read and quiz on using Myon....




Monday 15th June


Hi Year 5. Hope you didn't get caught out in the torrential rain earlier on! I do like a good thunderstorm - it can be very exciting!

I'm eagerly awaiting the result of the latest TTRS battle. 5H were just ahead at lunchtime. Will they still be ahead when the battle finishes at 6:00pm? 

I'm really pleased to see that some of you have been reading and quizzing using Myon. There are loads of interesting books on there and plenty of non-fiction if you want to do research or any writing to inform. I'll be keeping an eye on your word counts to see who is doing lots of reading at home...


Have a good week - take care and stay safe! 


Miss Howell :) 

5H v 5T - latest updates


Accelerated Reader word counts:-

5H - 8, 544, 716

5T - 7, 384, 644


Who will be the next Y5 millionaire? Chinelo and Michaela are battling it out to see who will be next... Obinna is on course to be the next double millionaire and Joshua C is heading towards an amazing THREE MILLION words read this year. What a fantastic effort! :) 


Keep challenging yourselves to read as much as possible by using AR and Myon. 



5H - 13, 441

5T - 31, 557


MVP in 5H - Obinna, Kai M and Joel

MVP in 5T - Youseff, Joshua C and Best


Mr Berry is very impressed that 5T have gone 4-2 up in the TTRS battles. Miss Howell is cheering for 5H in the next battle which starts today! Keep practising those tables. It'll help you with so many other areas of maths!





Monday 8th June


Good morning Year 5.... where has the sunshine gone? It has felt more like Winter again this weekend! I hope you are all keeping occupied and have managed to get some fresh air and exercise (dodging the rain, hailstones and thunder!). 


I spent the weekend finishing my garden which now looks much neater. My sunflowers are growing well but there are no flowers on them yet. I'm excited to see just how tall they'll grow. At the moment, they're about 50cm tall - how many metres is that? How tall do you think they'll get? I've also read another two books this week - remember, there are loads of books that you can read and quiz on using Myon!  5T were closing the gap on 5H last week. Let's see if 5H can improve their word count this week and stay ahead! 


Have a good week - don't forget to get in touch on our email - - We would love to hear from as many as you as possible. Thanks to Bolu and Joshua C who have been in touch over the last few days....It always cheers us up when we get messages and pictures from you! :) 


Miss Howell 

Some fantastic work... Keep it up! :)

Good Afternoon Year 5!


I hope you all had a fantastic half term and managed to enjoy some of the fantastic weather we have had? 


A massive well-done to those who have been in touch over email in the last week, it's been great to hear from you and hear about all of the things you have been doing at home ( 


Well done to everybody who has been smashing it on TimesTablesRockStars and on Accelerated Reader, i'm so happy to see that we've closed the gap with 5H! Remember, if anybody wants to do some reading at home Myon has got thousands of books to choose from. Just use your AR log in details to access it. 


Have a great week! 


Mr Berry :) 

5H v 5T


The battles continue. 5T have taken the lead in the TTRS battles. They now lead 5H by 3 battles to 2. 

MVP for the last battle:-

5H - Kai M, Esosa, Michaela

5T - Joshua C, Best, Youseff


5T are also catching up on Accelerated Reader. The current word counts are:-


5H - 8, 510, 391

5T - 7, 254, 448


Joshua C. has been reading some epic books. Will he be Holy Trinity's first EVER triple millionaire? Will 5H stay ahead by using Myon? :) 


International Space Station

Tonight, it will be possible to see the International Space Station as it passes over. Look west towards the setting Moon and watch for a bright light moving overhead (21:20 BST). If SpaceX DM-2 launches as planned, you'll see that too at 21:50 BST.... This will be the first time that astronauts have lifted off from US soil since 2011...Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will be travelling to the ISS.


 Time to get star (and rocket) gazing! 


More of your fantastic work and pictures!

It has been great to hear from Bolu, Obinna, Othniel, Joshua C and Nicole over the last few days.... Get in touch by emailing - send us pictures of work you've done, activities you've tried or even just send a message to say "Hi".... We'd love to hear from you all! :) 

Monday 25th May


Happy Monday Year 5..... it seems strange to have a bank holiday like this but I hope you've managed to get out in the sunshine today. I've been busy in my garden, planting some new plants, tidying and weeding. I'll try to post some pictures later in the week so you can let me know if you think I've done a good job.... 


Have a good week. Take care and stay safe.....   Miss Howell :) 

We're proud of your hard work!

Writing to inform by Obinna

A big thankyou to Chinelo, Joshua C, Mateusz, Obinna, Othniel and Anakin who have all been in touch this week to share work and photos of things that they have been doing. We'd love to hear from more of you.... Get in touch by emailing us at :) 

Good Morning Year 5! A huge well done to all of the children who have sent pictures of their work and activities to us over email, its fantastic to see what you have all been up to. As we go in to our sixth week away from school we want to ask this question... How much are you reading? 


We would like you to email us at, telling us what books you have been reading at home over the last few weeks. As well as this, the school have started using a new reading system called 'Myon'. This is similar to Accelerated Reader and will let you chose between thousands of books to read online. To find out how to use Myon head on over to the video resource centre (under children on the main page) for an introduction video by Mr Litten. 


Keep safe, keep up the hard work and we look forward to hearing from you! 


Mr Berry :) 

As you can see, I went for a walk to visit the deer in Dunham Massey on the weekend. We would love to see what you lot have been up to! Don't forget to send us pictures of your work and any activities you have been completing at home to :)

Monday 18th May

Still image for this video
Morning message from Miss Howell and Zippy

Junior Designer Competition

If you love drawing, painting or writing, get crafty this week and come up with a new design to cheer someone up with a thankyou card (perhaps someone in the NHS or another key worker.)


The winning design will be added to the Funky Pigeon range and will be available to everyone to buy! The winner will also win a £100 Funky Pigeon gift card plus some extra goodies... 


To enter, send a clear photo of your design along with name and age to by 25th May. Let's see if Holy Trinity could come up with the winning design! :) 

Yesterday (12th May) was International Nurses Day. We are all extremely grateful to all of the NHS workers for all that they do. Take a look at the picture below by Banksy and discuss it with someone at home. 

What do you think that Banksy is trying to say about nurses and NHS staff?

What makes this such a powerful picture?

Do you like the picture? Why? Why not?


As an extra task, maybe you could draw your own picture in this style. If you do, we'd love to see them. You could send them to .... :) 

   It was great to hear from Obinna in 5H and to read the writing that he has done at home (well done Obinna!). Read his essay carefully and see how many 'WRITING TO INFORM' skills you can spot...

Some Motivation from Dr Seuss himself. Keep up the hard work Year 5!

Monday 11th May


Good morning to you all..... hope you all enjoyed the sunshine at the weekend. Maybe some of you took part in some VE Day celebrations at home. We'd love to hear about it! Don't forget that you can send us any work you've been doing or any photos of interesting activities that you've tried (Remember, the class email is I've managed to go and see to Zippy to get my daily exercise and I've also been doing some gardening and I planted some sunflowers at the weekend. They can get quite tall. See if you can estimate how tall they will get.... I will get a little prize for the person who is the closest. 


In the meantime, stay safe.... :)        Miss Howell 

VE Day

Friday 8th May marks VE (Victory in Europe day). This year is the 75th anniversary. Check our 'Challenges' page for some ideas that you can use to mark the occasion at home - you could make union jack bunting to display; cut out a silhouette of a soldier to put in the window of your house; learn a song from the 1940s or maybe try making a wartime recipe. Let us know what you get up to by emailing us at .... 



A big well done to those of you who have emailed in some of the work you've been doing at home. We would like to share work from Joshua C, Blessing, Ellie and Mateusz and hopefully we'll hear from some more of you this week...  :) 




Morning Year 5.... Mr Berry has beaten me to it again - not that he's competitive at all ;) ... Hope you are all ok. Thanks to all the children who have sent work that they have done or to children who have messaged to say "Hi".... Hopefully we'll hear from a few more of you this week. Mr Berry has already reminded you of the email address... 


I've been very busy doing lots of baking - gingerbread this week. Maybe you could try to come up with a recipe to make with the adults at home. We'd love to see some pictures if you make anything or do a fantastic piece of work...


In our TTRS battles, it is currently 2-2.... 5T won the last battle. Come on 5H! We need to try to win this week's battle. Some of you are already battling away. 


In the meantime, stay safe and keep smiling.... Miss Howell :) 

Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Year 5! 


Welcome to May, one of my favourite months of the whole year. I'm going to start by saying a huge thank you to those children who have sent over emails of their work, its been great to see that you've been working hard and learning new things at home. is the email for anybody who needs any help with work or for anybody who wants to show us what they have been working on at home. 


Keep up the hard work and stay safe! 


Mr Berry :) 

Monday 27th April


Morning Year 5..... Hope you've had a good week! I've been doing loads of reading whilst I've been at home. Over the past three weeks, I've read 10 books! (I'm not sure how many words as they're not on AR!)... 


I'm really keen to see who joins Joshua C and Ellie in sending us some emails to show us what you've been up to. Have you read a great book? Have you written an amazing story? Have you drawn or painted a brilliant picture? Let us know.... Just a reminder, our class email is .


Hope to hear from lots of you this week..... Stay safe!         


 Miss Howell :) 



Miss Howell has been checking up on Accelerated Reader scores... well done to those of you who have been reading and quizzing at home... An especially big WELL DONE for Joshua Corbett in 5T who has become a double millionaire. WOW!!!!! Who will be the next millionaire? 


Current standings between the classes:-


5H - 8, 404, 351 words

5T - 6, 774, 476 words

Time to get reading! :) 


We know that some of you will be looking out for lots more books to read and quiz on. We now have access to over 7,000 digital books for you to read for pleasure or to help with any research.


Go to the following website:-           


- there is no login needed. Just click on the 'Start Reading' button and search for a genre, a topic or just something that interests you.... When you have read the book, you can log in to AR, and quiz in the usual way.... 


In addition, there are also 5 daily news articles to read each day. 


Let the teachers know what you have been reading. Maybe you could send us your recommendations or reviews to put on our class page for the rest of Year 5 to see.... 


Happy reading! :) 

Monday 20th April


Morning Year 5! Mr Berry beat me to it today.... so I'm just going to say, keep yourselves busy over the next few weeks. Make sure that you get some exercise and try to keep your brains active. There are lots of online games and activities as well as the packs that we have sent home for you.... 


Check out bbc bitesize - there are three new lessons to try every weekday.... Use this link:-


.... and I'm still waiting for the first email from 5H.... I'm interested to see/hear what you've been up to! 


Stay safe....                       Miss Howell :) 

Monday 20th April 2020


Good Morning! Today officially marks the end of the Easter holidays, so hopefully you've had a nice break and you're feeling refreshed and ready to work hard at home.


As Miss Howell said in her last message, you will all receive a pack of work in the post that has been created by Miss Howell and myself. This work is to help you with your learning of those key skills. If you need any help with this work, or you would like to share with us any work you have been doing at home, please email and Miss Howell and I will reply as quickly as we can!


Keep up the hard work! 


Mr Berry :) 



Thursday 16th April...


A quick message to say "Hello Y5!" Hope you had a lovely Easter... 

Well done 5H on winning the Easter weekend TTRS battle. That means we are beating 5T 2-1 at the moment! WOOP WOOP! 


5H - 49, 031                     5T - 48, 766           (can you partition and round these numbers?)


Most valuable players in 5H were Kai M, Isaiah and Refal - Well played!

Most valuable players in 5T were Best, Ellie and Wisdom - Great effort!


Mr Berry and I will continue to set challenges on the class webpage for you to try. You will also be getting a pack of work in the post during the next week. Make sure that you keep your skills sharp!


If you want to share any work you've completed, artwork you've done or books that you've read, please email them to  - We would love to see what you have been doing and we will reply to all emails. Well done to Joshua Corbett who has already updated us on things that he hs been doing at home.


Stay safe and take care .... Miss Howell :) 

Tuesday 14th April 2020

Good Morning Year 5! Just a quick message from me to wish you all a happy Easter! I hope you had a brilliant Easter weekend and enjoyed spending time with the people you live with. I hope you didn't eat too much chocolate like me? and if you did, make sure you get some exercise in as well. I'm getting ready to go for a run to try and burn off all of the chocolate! Continue working hard, stay safe and remember to be on your best behaviour! 


Mr Berry :) 

Good afternoon Year 5. Hope you are all keeping busy and are on your best behaviour! Well done to 5H who (although i'm not happy to admit it) eased to a victory on TTRS! I'm sure we can get back on top next weekend 5T?

I hope you are all keeping busy and making sure you are still working hard on your learning at home. Don't forget to keep exercising and make sure you are eating healthily (will the occasional treat!). Who's tried PE with Joe on youtube yet? 


Mr Berry. 


Monday 6th April - Hello, Year 5. Hope you're all doing ok.... I'm very pleased to announce that 5H won last week's TTRS battle (you know how competitive I am!!!!) Keep your eyes peeled for the next battle which will happen over the Easter weekend. Can 5H make it two in a row? Will 5T get their revenge? Will Mr Berry get over losing the last battle? 


I've been doing some baking today and made some flapjacks. They are really easy to make so why not see if an adult at home could help you to make some. You could also try another chocolate mug cake. I am planning to make one next weekend. I gave up chocolate for Lent so I can't have any until then... 


Try hard to keep busy while you're off school. Make sure that you do plenty of reading. I've read three (yes, THREE!) books this week.... In the meantime, take care and stay safe. 


Miss Howell :) 






5H - 99, 903

5T - 45, 464


MVP 5H       


1st Kai Morrall

2nd Isaiah Nuwamanya

3rd Nicole Liu




1st Best Joseph

2nd Angel-Rose Evitt

3rd Youseff Imam                                          

Miss Howell's Monday message ...... Good morning Year 5! Just checking in to say hope you're all ok. We're missing you all! As you can see, Mr Berry is VERY happy about 5T's win in the last TTRS battle.


5H - It's time for us to show what we're made of! Let's see if 5H can win the re-match! :) 

Mr Berry's Monday Update!

Still image for this video
Good morning Year 5! Just a quick message from me to say hello and check that you are all staying safe at home. I will post a video or message weekly so make sure you, or your adults, are checking the website as often as you can.

P.E with Joe | Friday 27th March 2020

Day 5 of my 9am daily workouts



Accelerated Reader


Don't forget that you can currently access AR at home and quiz on all of the books that you have read. 


You need to use the username and password that you usually use in school. 




... to Kai M in 5H, who has become the latest AR millionaire - joining Joshua C, Obinna and Eshall from Year 5 - a fantastic achievement..... :)  


Current AR Standings


5H - 8, 131, 626 words


5T - 5, 935, 013 words



Times Tables Rock Stars Battle 


After a titanic battle, 5T came back to win despite being a long way behind at the beginning of the week.


5H - 153, 567


5T - 155, 509


Most Valuable Players in each class:- 


5H -  1st Kai M.      2nd  Obinna       3rd  Brieannah

5T -   1st  Best       2nd   Ogbe         3rd  Erin


Mr Berry will be smiling :) .... Miss Howell is ready for the re-match. Keep your eyes open for the start of the next battle!