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Year 6

Thursday 16th July 2020

Our Final Day


On this, your final day at Holy Trinity, I would like to wish all of you the very best for the future!!


You have been an amazing class over the last two years and I will miss each and every one of you so much.


Thank you for the hard work, the laughter and the wonderful memories!


Goodbye and Good luck!!


Lots of love,


Mrs Harling




Tuesday 16th June


Good morning to you all, 


How are you this week? We have been very busy in school! 


This is now our second week in school with some of the Y6 pupils. Last Monday felt a little bit strange but we all settled in to our new routines quite well. We now have a 'one way' system around the KS2 building, which took me a little time to get used to and arrows on the floor to show which direction we are to follow. Our classrooms have enough tables for 9 pupils, and we have 3 Year 6 groups!


This all may seem different, however once you get used to it, school is very similar to what we were all used to, which I find nice!!


It has been great seeing a lot of our team in school. This does mean that we are still missing those of you that have not returned. We understand that there are various reasons why this is not possible - but want you to know you are still part of our team!!


Here are some quotes from our team mates that are in school!!


"It's been great coming back to school and seeing all of my friends." Kaden


"I really like being back at school and learning." Stevie


"I feel more motivated than at home and ready to learn." David


"We are now being taught by Mrs Hagan - She is horrible!!! wink" Claudia


Have a great week everybody, 


Take care and stay safe


Mrs H



Tuesday 9th June


Good morning everybody!


This week, some of our Y6 team have returned to school. It has taken a little while to get used to the new routines and safety precautions, however we feel a lot better starting today. If you would like to return to school, please discuss this with your parents. They are able to contact the school and speak to a member of staff if they would like any further information.


I have arranged your next pack of work to be sent home today, so you will receive that shortly. Please make sure you are completing the work sent home and the work that I have put on our class page. I am going to be contacting your parents soon to ensure you are working at home. Also, there is the Classroom Secrets website, which you all have logins for, and Times Table Rock Star! 


During this week, I will take some photographs of your classmates and post them for you to see. If you haven't been in touch yet, the Y6 email is so drop me an email - it'll be great to hear from you!!


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs H

Monday 1st June


Good Morning year 6!


Did you know that today is 'Say Something Nice Day'? So today is the perfect day to actually go out of our way to be nice to one another! We have to admit that the world can be an unpleasant place, at times, and if there's something that we really need, it's a little more niceness!


Today is also a day to remember and celebrate the people who provide us with a variety of services such as bus drivers, health care workers and teachers!! Also, it's a great day to apologise to the people we may have wronged or hurt through our choices. What you might find that when it comes to being nice, it's infectious! Being nice will often create a domino effect, and the more people you say something nice to, the further the niceness will span.


Use this one day of the year to make somebody feel amazing, be wonderful and spread a little love! Who will you be nice to today? How many days can you be nice for, after all, being nice should be an everyday occurrence!


So as it is 'Say Something Nice Day', here's a little message to you all...You really are an amazing Year 6 class and I have never been prouder to be your teacher!


Take care everyone, 


Mrs Harling yes

Monday 25th May


Happy Monday Year 6!


I do hope that you are all well and taking care of yourselves. 


You will all be happy to hear that you can now access your AR reading and take quizzes for the books you have read on myon reading. Mr Litten has produced a video guide to access the quizzes and it is a great resource.  

Follow the link below for how to get started.


At Christmas, as part of our advent book event, we read the prologue to 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross MacKenzie. You can listen to Chapter 1, then complete some of the activities below. Here is the link to listen to Chapter 1 - 



Also this week, I have created a little video to share with you all. It's a little reminder of the good times we shared together and the fun that we had.  Enjoy!!!


Take care,


Mrs H yes


Year 6 Superstars!

Still image for this video

Monday 11th May


Good Morning and Happy Monday everyone!


Well Y6, it's officially SATs week! Can you believe it?


I know that some of you were looking forward to SATs and the acknowledgement they would give you for all of your hard work. Mr Clavin and I would like to say to each and every one of you that the progress you have made since starting with us in Y5 has been outstanding!


You have all worked your socks off in a manner of ways. You have not only grown in ability with your lessons but as people too. Over the time we have been together, you have grown in kindness, resilience and developed more understanding relationships between each other. You have been persistent in working hard on the aspects of the curriculum that you have found a bit tricky and not given up when it was hard. 


Even though we won't be measured officially by SATs - we wanted you to know that you're hard working attitude and the knowledge you have developed will stay with you for life - therefore it was all worth it! It is valued and it will help you in your future!


We are PROUD of you Year 6!!!


Happy Birthday to Deba - who told us repeatedly it was her birthday during SATs week!!! 


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs H


Monday 4th May


Hello you lovely lot!


How are you all? I'm happy to say that I'm well and still working hard! I am pleased to say that nearly all of you are working hard too on the Classroom Secrets website - well done!


Since 1945, the end of World War 2 in Europe has been marked by Victory in Europe Day, better known as VE day. On 8th May 1945, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany's surrender the day before. 


This year, the 8th May 2020 will mark 75 years since the first VE day! Until the current Covid-19 lock down, there were many plans to stage celebratory events. Sadly, this has all had to be cancelled but we can still remember the fallen and celebrate VE day in our homes. You could place soldiers silhouettes in your windows and hang bunting around your house to remember, honour and celebrate this important event. I have created this weeks work based on VE day so check it out below.


It has been so nice to hear from so many of you via our class email. I will be sending replies tomorrow evening so if you haven't been in contact yet, get emailing! 


I am missing you all so much and can't wait until we are back together as the amazing team we are! 


Take care,


Mrs H


Song of the Week

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Monday 27th April


Hello everybody...How are you?


I hope that you are all well. It has been so nice to hear from so many of you through our email. It is nice to know that you are keeping busy and working hard! I have seen so many rainbows in windows to support our key workers - Elias even has an international one in his window!! If you don't have one maybe you could get making one today! If you do want to email, the address is - you could send pictures of your rainbows on your windows!


Year 6, it is extremely important to maintain the learning and knowledge that you have worked so hard on. I have checked classroom secrets and TTRS and not enough of you are using the sites regularly. There are some of you who have not logged on to Classroom Secrets yet. Your learning is for life - if you don't use it - you will lose it!!


Once again, I have attached some work for you to do that is a little more creative. This time, the theme is a Cake Shop! Have a look below for the sheet.


Have you finished all of your books? There is a fantastic website from Accelerated Reader where they have over 7000 books for you to read. You don't even need a login! Just copy the web address here and google it - and you will find a whole range of books for you to escape in to!


Remember - You are kind, you are smart and you are loved!


Mrs H






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Song of the Week

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April


I do hope you will all enjoy this weeks 'Song of the Week'! I want you all singing along and joining in - especially you, D & Z!!


It has been really nice to be in touch with some of you through our class email. If you want to send an email the address is I would love to hear about the things you have been doing whilst we have been away from school. Also, it's a really good way to keep writing and using your skills in a purposeful way. You could even write some fiction - make up an experience you have had and write about that!  I will email you back in school hours so please be patient if you send a message in the evening or during the weekend.


As we are now in our third week away from school, I would now like you to start using the classroom secrets website. There is a range of learning on there for you to access. You will find your username and login details in the front cover of your pink homework book. If you google 'classroom secrets home' you will find the website really easily. Then click on the login in the top right hand corner. This will take to the page where you have to put in your user name and password. If you have any difficulties, please email me and I will do my very best to help. Alongside this, BBC Bitesize has now launched daily lessons that you can take part in. You will find these at lessons.


I have created some work for you to complete around the theme of extreme holidays. It includes a range of curriculum areas (lessons) so that you are being creative whilst enjoying your learning. I have posted the work below!



I do hope you are all keeping safe. It is important that you all know that our school community is still here for you. If you are worried or need to talk to someone - you could email me or talk to someone who is close to you. Remember - you are not alone.


To help keep you smiling, I've added some of the pictures from Christmas below...It's good to have a reminder of the good times we all shared. Some of the dance moves you had were amazing, fantastic and...hilarious!


Mr Clavin sends his love! He is enjoying the sunshine and apparently he has read 6 books already! He has challenged Mr B to see if he has read as many. Who do you think will win that? He has asked me to remind you that we are all a team and he hopes that you are all helping around the house. 


This week, he has set himself a challenge to create a Tik Tok video. I believe he may be even dancing!! That's definately one to watch out for! He knows that setting goals helps us keep ourselves motivated... what goals can you set and how will you achieve them?


Remember - you are kind, you are smart, you are loved!


Mrs H 






D & Z Lip Sync Battle! :)

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Song of the Week

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Tuesday 14th April


Good morning to you all,


My apologies to those who checked the Y6 page yesterday to find I had not added a message. As it was a bank holiday, I thought doing it today would be better.


Well done Candy, who was the first person from our Y6 team to send me an email. It is not difficult, you could ask an adult to help you if you are would be great to hear from each of you. 


I hope you have all had a lovely Easter. Even though we are in difficult times, I hope you enjoyed spending time with your families and eating!! Over the Easter weekend, I spent lots of time in the sunshine in my garden and hope you were able to enjoy it too. It's really important to make sure you get some natural light so that your bodies can get some vitamin d.


A big shout out to those of you still regularly going on TTRS!! yes High five to: Candy, Afo, Dave, Ifeoma, Elias, Tara, Claudia and Joshua!!! angel yes These super stars have been on in the last week. If you haven't been on - GET GOING!


You'll all be pleased to know that I have brought the class ipad home with me..ha ha! I have been laughing so hard at some of the videos and pictures that we have accumulated so far this year. You may recognise the song of the week...I wonder where I've heard that before... cheeky


Remember - You are kind, you are smart, you are loved!


Take care and be positive,


Mrs H


P.S - GoNoodle have a fab website for families. If you have a younger brother or sister get on it with them at     One of our favourites in on there - Jump - see if you can find it!

Lip Sync Battle - Emmanuel!! :)

Still image for this video

More of these to come - keep checking back!!


Who will be on next week???? cheeky

Song of the Week

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Enjoy singing easy one to start with!

Monday 6th April


Hello Year 6!


It's your favourite teacher (Mr C not Mrs H) writing this message today. I hope everyone is ok and staying safe! I have been missing you all lots whilst we've been away from school and I hope everybody has been extra kind, patient and appreciative to their families; think of My Happy Mind!


Each morning, I've had my breakfast and tuned into Joe Wick's P.E session to help me stay healthy, both physically and mentally, so I expect many of you lazy lot have done the same!


I'm going to leave you with a little riddle before I go:


If yesterday was Tuesday, what will the day after tomorrow be?


I look forward to hearing the answers when we are back at school!


Mr Clavin smiley

A Short message from Mrs H...




I was so pleased to see that you are checking the website regularly. I will be posting something new every Monday so keep checking back!!


I have been playing TTRS and Numbots this week. Some of you haven't been on for a while so I have sent you all a challenge to beat me! My avatars name is Danger Scallions and I've chosen the glitter costume - no surprises there!! I have to be honest - I still need the practise to get my speed time down, please help!


I would love to keep in touch with you. If you or your parents have an email account, you can contact me at I would love to hear about some of the things you have done or share some work. This will be a good way to keep writing and sharing your thoughts during this difficult time. I will only answer emails during the school day so 'have a little patience'!! If you are going to email me, please ensure you have your parent's permission. I can't wait to hear from you! laugh



Take care, be good and laugh lots...


Mrs H yes

Our Value - Truthfulness!

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Enjoy learning this new song everyone.

                                               Monday 30th March


Good evening my little minions - I hope you are all keeping well, busy and staying safe!


I must admit that I am missing you all!! However,(2 star conjunctionyes) I am working hard to prepare your next set of work to help keep those juicy brains active! I hope you have found some time to read (even you Mr B!) and have been using books to help you escape to other worlds, times and be introduced to new characters. I've really enjoyed reading this week. Remember, there are lots of audio books on You Tube for you to listen to - my favourite is Skulduggery Pleasant - so tune in to that.



In our last week of school, (F.Ayes) we learned all about forces. We carried out experiments that focussed on the drag forces - air and water resistance. So I'd like you to use this knowledge and understanding to design, create and evaluate your own paper plane. Make your prototype and test it and improve it. Measure the distance your aeroplane travels - then convert it into meters or mm. 


I will be updating the Y6 page regularly now so keep checking back and tell others you are in contact with to check it out too.


Remember - you are are are loved!


Take care everyone,


Mrs H laugh


Extra Challenge - How many words?


       'Honesty - the best policy'?   


 I got 76!! Can you beat me?  You can only have 5 minutes though!!




Boat Races - Water Resistance

Still image for this video
Have a little giggle at these!!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video