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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



4H Teacher: Mr Spotwood

4T Teacher: Mrs Delaney

Year 4 TAs: Miss Parker, Mr Dowling and Mrs Sharkey


Days to remember:

Friday 4H: Swimming day

Friday 4T: Swimming day

Children to wear: swimsuit/swim shorts under their uniform.

Bring underwear and towel in a bag.

No earrings/jewellery.

Swim hat if your hair is long enough to go in your eyes.



Children to bring their PE kit into school and get changed in school. On colder days children can wear sports jogger/tracksuit bottoms.



Reading: Your child should be reading every night for 20/30 minutes.

Children will have received an Accelerated Reader/ My On login (the same as last year). This means your child reads at home, then when returning them to school they will take a quiz asking them questions about the book they have read. This is to see how well they have understood the book, asking them a range of question types. The book has been carefully selected for your child from an assessment they have completed at school. If your child needs a new book they can also access My On and  read books online and take quizzes there. Your child should also bring their book to school everyday as they may receive opportunities to read in school. 


Multiplication: Your child should be accessing Times Table Rockstars (TTRockstars)  3 x a week for 30minutes).

Children will have received a TTRockstars log in. This is a multiplication programme were they can practise their multiplication table recall via a range of games. This is a safe programme where they can compete against classmates/ teachers and children from other schools. There is NO chat facility. On certain aspects of the site they will only access questions set to their ability. By the end of Y4, children should be confident in answering all of their multiplications with speed. This is in preparation for the Y4 mental multiplication test. 

Some children will have access to NumBots which is more suitable for them. 

Children will also receive TTRockstars practice sheets to help support their learning of each times tables. These should be returned to school.



Spellings:1x a week 

Your child will receive spellings set for their group to learn once a week. They should be practised as much as needed to enable them to pass the test on the Friday. 


Topic: 1 x a term

Children will be set a topic based homework once a term. This is a larger homework which will take a few weeks to complete, usually equaling around an hour a week. This is a creative homework building to a final project to share with the class.