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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Catch Up Strategy

The Curriculum


After being out of school for almost six months, we recognise that the majority of children will have lost learning and will need to be taught a curriculum that enables them to practise skills they have not used for a long period of time; catch up on skills and expectations from their previous year group whilst also experiencing new learning from their current year group. Taking this into consideration we have decided to adapt the school curriculum as the children begin to get used to attending school; working in a classroom environment; reconnecting with the staff and their friends whilst also getting ready to learn. Adults and children have had varying experiences of lockdown and we feel it is the right approach to initially have a strong focus on well-being.


Our Recovery Curriculum has been split into three phases.


Phase 1


This will last for a minimum of three weeks concentrating on reconnecting and re-engaging with school. Social, emotional and mental well-being will be a main focus of this phase. Children will also complete daily Maths and English activities, providing them with opportunities to practise and use prior knowledge and skills from previous years. As well as this, children will have daily opportunities to read and practise their phonics, spelling and handwriting as well as a daily physical activity session.

Phase 2


During this phase, children will once again be being taught daily formal Maths and English lessons. The teachers within this phase will identify gaps from the previous year group whilst also teaching appropriate new learning from the current year’s curriculum. During the afternoon sessions we will still be focussing on well-being where we will be developing;

  • resilience,
  • communicating effectively with others,
  • managing change,
  • applying new skills
  • developing speaking and listening skills.

Within this stage we will also be identifying children who may benefit from specific intervention with their learning or well-being. As this phase progresses, additional curriculum areas will be introduced to the children. Some of the learning within these will be taken from the previous year group expectations where appropriate. By the end of the Autumn Term we aim to have a full curriculum offer for all children. This approach, putting the well-being of the child as a focus, will hopefully create more resilient, reflective and well balanced children and allow for any lost learning to be recovered as soon as possible.

Phase 3


Phase 3 will be typified by children being exclusively taught the curriculum for their current year group. For example, Year 5 will be solely being taught the Year 5 curriculum without the need for the previous year groups expectations, skills or knowledge to be taught. We anticipate Phase 3 to begin September 2021.

Our Curriculum


 In order to fully meet the needs of our children, we are on an exciting journey as a school in developing our curriculum. At Holy Trinity CE Primary School we are developing a new approach to our curriculum planning and delivery and have adopted the Chris Quigley 'Essentials Curriculum' to promote a more creative and learner specific curriculum to foster both a love of learning and drive for high standards.


Below is a parent's guide of the essentials curriculum for each subject with detailed objectives for each year group.







At Holy Trinity Primary School, we use the National Book Banding System. We do not follow one particular reading scheme and provide our children with a range of books from various reading schemes including texts from: The Oxford Reading Tree. Storyworlds, Discovery World, Collins Big Cat, Rigby Star, Songbirds. We also provide our children with opportunities to read 'real books' and we are currently replenishing our supplies to include a wider range of reading materials.


Parents -  helping you to help your child’s reading and maths


You can make a real difference!

Getting involved in your child’s learning can have a real impact on their success at school.  Oxford Owl is a FREE and easy-to-use website that has been built with teachers and parents and is packed with helpful advice, free eBooks and fun activities to help you support your child's reading and maths. Visit them at:


  • Help your child's reading and maths (and support their teacher too!)
  • Growing to 250 free eBooks to enjoy with your child.
  • Phonics guide (including how to say the sounds correctly)
  • Ideas for motivating boys to read.
  • Great ways to keep up with learning in holidays.
  • New treasure chest packed full of fun math's activities and games.







Curriculum Overview - Maths

Below is a detailed overview of the content your child will be covering within Maths in each year group. 



This year, Holy Trinity is introducing a new scheme that supports us in having a consistent and coherent approach to the teaching of Phonics. Supersonic Phonics Friends is an engaging, versatile, and active systematic programme that meets the DFE’s 16 essential core criteria. Created by Phonics expert, Anna Lucas and beautifully designed by artist Fiona Cameron this scheme aims to build on children’s listening and speaking skills in order to develop their phonics knowledge. This, in turn, helps our children to become confident and fluent readers as well as writers.  


To find out more, you can click the link below to explore more: