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Monday 13th July.


Good morning Year 3.


I am so sorry to say that this is the last message that Miss Hoolighan and I will write to you as your class teachers.  sad  We both want to let you know that we have really enjoyed teaching you and staying in touch with your during this very unusual time.  You have all made us very proud this year and we have enjoyed sharing your learning journey with you.  I really enjoyed learning about the Greeks and visiting Manchester Art Gallery with you and Miss Hoolighan enjoyed sharing her love of Harry Potter with you all!


We both want to wish you lots of luck in Year 4.  We know you will continue to be amazing and that your enthusiasm for learning will continue to shine through.  Remember to always try your best, be resilient and most of all be kind.  


We hope that you have a wonderful summer and that you keep safe and well.  Remember to keep active and to keep your mind busy by reading, playing TT Rockstars and doing things which you enjoy.


We look forward to seeing you return to school in September ready to continue your learning journey.


Mrs Drayson and Miss Hoolighan.  wink    


Monday 6th July 

Good morning Year three! We hope you have had another busy week working hard laugh How are you this week? 


In the NHS lots of people work very hard to help sick people, this includes doctors, nurses, surgeons, ambulance drivers, opticians, paramedics, midwifes (who help to deliver babies), psychologists and all sorts of other people whose job it is to make sure people stay healthy.

Now last week on the 5th of July it was the celebration of the NHS 72nd birthday and we have a challenge for you. Can you make a poster or draw a picture to celebrate the NHS's birthday and put it in your window for everyone can see? Don't forget to send us your wonderful work to with your parents' permission.


For more information all about the NHS and it's birthday, go to BBC Bitesize 


Stay safe Year 3 heart



How to boss sport while you're stuck at home




Monday 29th June.


Good morning to our fabulous Year 3's!


Miss Hoolighan and I hope that you are all okay and that you have had a wonderful week.  We hope that you managed to enjoy the sunshine safely.  It was very hot wasn't it.  


Thinking about the sunshine, have any of you seen the interesting news clip on Newsround about the sun?

NASA scientists have been very busy filming the sun for ten years to study how it affects our solar system.  If you haven't seen the clip then you can watch it by following this link:

After you have watched it maybe you could email Miss Hoolighan or I, with your parents permission, and let us know what fascinating facts you have found out. 


This week is Children's Art week and the theme is The Natural World.  Arts and craft activities are a great way to relax and help keep your mind busy.  Perhaps you could make a collage of some super British Wildlife animals like a hedgehog, squirrel or a badger using materials from around the home such as cardboard packaging or craft materials.





Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands



Congratulations 3H! Your hard work and resilience has resulted in a win!

3T we need to work hard as a team next week if we are going to reclaim victory!  


Miss Hoolighan and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all these children who contributed to the battle!



3H – Daniel C, Kuba, Tahir and Ryan.

3T - Damian, Yihui, Scarlett, James C, Nosa, Eliana, Daniel M, Nia and Holy.  



This weeks MVP's

This weeks MVP'S are - 

3H – Ryan, Daniel C and Kuba.

3T – Damian, Yihui and Scarlett.



The next battle begins today!!  Please support your class by logging on and taking part!!


Let the battle commence!!

The Boy Who Grew Dragons - by Andy Shepherd.

Sorry that there has been a bit of a delay in my story telling but for those of you who have been listening to me read the story 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' part 7 is now available.  I am going to read some more of the story this week and I will upload it to the website later this week.  Let me know what you think of the story so far and what you think will happen next.  I am excited to see what happens to Flicker and Tomas.


Have a lovely week Year 3 and remember to try your best, be kind and be helpful at home.


Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson


Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year 3!


We hope you are all well and keeping busy! Thank you to all of you who are emailing work to Mrs Drayson and I.  Have you been enjoying the sunshine this weekend?


It feels like we have been off school for a long time and we are missing you all very much! Remember to email us and tell us all of the fun things you have been getting up too  laugh with your parents' permission.


I am very pleased to see that some of you have been reading and quizzing using Myon. There are lots of interesting books on there and plenty of non-fiction if you want to do research or any writing to inform. I'll be keeping an eye on your word counts to see who is doing lots of reading at home...


We do hope that you are all well and taking care of yourselves. 


Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson


Finally remember Year 3 ….



How many different shapes can you spot in this picture? And can you make your own shape picture? Maybe challenge a family member to find the shapes as well!




Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands



Super work again 3T!! You are amazing at battles.

Come on 3H, we were very close this week, I know we can beat 3T next week!  


Miss Drayson and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all these children who contributed to the battle!



3H – Daniel, Kaylen and Ryan.

3T - Nia, James C,  Yihui, Damian, Scarlett and Eliana.  



This weeks MVP's

This weeks MVP'S are - 

3H – Daniel C, Kaylen and Ryan

3T – James, Yihui and Damian



The next battle begins today!!  Please support your class by logging on and taking part!!


Let the battle commence!!

Monday 15th June


Aloha Year 3.


Hope you are all well and that you have had a lovely weekend.


Miss Hoolighan and I would like to say a very big thank you to all of the children who have sent us their work using the class email address.  Remember that you don't always have to send us pictures of the English and Maths work which you have been completing, you can send us examples of the drawings, paintings or models which you may have created. We both really like finding out what you have been doing at home so if you get chance and with your parents permission please send us an email!


This week I have been reading called  a book called 'All because of Jackson' by Dick - King Smith.  It sounds  is a very exciting story!  The story is about a rabbit called Jackson, who is a little bit different.  He likes to stand and watch the ships sail by.  As he watches, he dreams of what it would be like to go on a journey on one of these ships.  One day, filled with curiosity he decides to be very brave and he boards a ship. I am not going to tell you anymore of the story other than that from the moment he boards the ship an exciting adventure begins!  I wonder what that adventure will be?  Maybe you could write a story about his adventure or maybe you could paint a picture of the things which Jackson sees.  


Remember that when you read... 






Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands



Super work again 3T!! I am so proud of you and how hard you are working on your times tables.  Please keep up the good work. 

Come on 3H, please join in and support your class. I know you can beat 3T next week!  


Miss Hoolighan and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all these children who contributed to the battle!



3H – Daniel, Tony and Ryan.

3T - James, Damian, Yihui, Scarlett, Nia, Eliana, Rey and Daniel.


This weeks MVP's

This weeks MVP'S are - 

3H – Daniel C, Tony and Ryan

3T – James, Damian and Yihui



The next battle begins today!!  Please support your class by logging on and taking part!!


Let the battle begin!!

Have a wonderful week Year 3.  Remember to stay safe and well and be kind.


We look forward to hearing about what you have been up to. 


Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson. laugh

Monday 8th June 


Good morning Year 3 laugh


Just a quick message to say thank you for all of your continued hard work last week, myself and Mrs Drayson love seeing all of the fabulous work you have been doing and we miss you all very much! 


A big well done to Holly, Daniel C, Yihui and Praise for using myON this week ... remember you can read interesting fiction and non-fiction books then quiz on them using accelerated reader yes



This Tuesday the 9th of June it is the national Empathy Day 'we believe empathy is a beacon of hope in a divided world'. If anyone has been watching the news recently, it shows empathy is very important in the world that we live in, to be able to understand the feelings of other people heart Follow the link to access a number of fun family activities  


Stay safe, special and amazing Year 3 smiley


Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson 





As we know you love word searches in year three can you complete this one? 



Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands



Super work again 3T!! You are amazing at battles.

Come on 3H, we were very close this week, I know we can beat 3T next week!  


Miss Drayson and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all these children who contributed to the battle!



3H – Daniel, Tony, Benedicta and Ryan.

3T - Nia, James C, Daniel, Yihui, Katelyn, Rey, Damian, Scarlett and Eliana.  



This weeks MVP's

This weeks MVP'S are - 

3H – Daniel C, Tony and Ryan

3T – James, Yihui and Damian



The next battle begins today!!  Please support your class by logging on and taking part!!


Let the battle commence!!

Monday 1st June 2020


Ciao Year 3!


Miss Hoolighan and I hope you have had a lovely half term and that you have managed to enjoy some time in the sunshine.  What have you all been up to? Miss Hoolighan and I would really like to know so when you get chance please send us some of your lovely work using the email address at the top of this page.


Today is the 1st day of June and as you all know I just love Maths so I thought I would share some Mathematical facts with you about today's date!

1 June 2020 is ...

  • 153rd day of the year.  Can you calculate how many days there are left in the year? What Maths do you need to use to help you with this calculation?  
  • 22nd Monday of 2020.
  • on the 23rd week of 2020 (using the International Standards Organisation (ISO) standard week number calculation).
  • 74th day of Spring. There are 20 days left till Summer.
  • Birthstones for this day: Alexandrite, Pearl, & Moonstone



More Marvelous Maths!!


Another amazing Mathematical event which has happened over the weekend is the launch of the first SpaceX manned mission.  There were many people from different occupations (jobs) which use Maths involved in helping the rocket to launch.  Some of them were - aeronautical engineers who designed the rocket, chemical engineers who helped design the fuel and batteries which the spaceship used, meteorologists who calculated when the weather would allow the rocket to launch safely and mission designers who calculated the correct flight path to make sure that the rocket met the space station.  There are many others but how amazing is it that there are so many exciting careers which use Maths including a Maths teacher!!


The SpaceX rocket is important because it makes it cheaper for NASA to transport its astronauts into space.  The two astronauts are called Bob and Doug, they are the first American astronauts to take a commercial flight in a space rocket.  They are also the first astronauts to take off from the United States of America in over 10 years.  In the last decade (10 years) American astronauts have had to fly to Russia and use their rockets to take their voyage into space.  Now that SpaceX can provide cheaper transport for astronauts NASA will focus on returning to the moon and voyaging to Mars.  Perhaps one day one of you may be involved in a mission to Mars!   


If you were very lucky some of you may have seen the rocket travel around the earth on Saturday evening.

If you want to find out more about this follow this link to Newsround -


Times Tables Rockstars

Oh no!! In the 5th battle 3T's perfect record has ended! 

Congratulations to Miss Hoolighan and 3H who have worked hard to improve their times tables knowledge!  Well done!  

Come on 3T we need to regain our top spot!!  We can do it!



This week's MVP's are as follows:

Tony 3H

Daniel 3H

Ryan 3H

Damian 3T

Yihui 3T 

James 3T


Another battle will commence today at 12 noon!  Let the battle begin!



The Ickabog by J.K.Rowling


Some of you may be aware that earlier last week J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, started to publish a new book online.  The Ickabog is a fairy tale set in an imagined land.  A new chapter is published for free on line everyday and you have the chance to design the illustrations for the print version which will be published later this year.  The story and competition can be found by following this link -

If you decide to enter the competition please don't forget to send Miss Hoolighan and I some pictures of your illustrations. 


MyOn Reading.


Well done to Holly, Yihui, Daisy, Daniel and Praise for reading using the MyOn resource.  Remember that this resource allows you to read books on line and then quiz on them after.  You use your AR Reader username and password as your log in details.  If you have forgotten these then you can email Miss Hoolighan or I and we will send you your details. It world be great to see more of you using this resource and emailing Miss Hoolighan and I to tell us all about the books which you have read.  


Take care Year 3 and remember to...

Tuesday 26th                                             Good Morning Year 3!


We hope you are well and have enjoyed the glorious sunshine over bank holiday weekend, Miss Hoolighan managed to go to the park and saw some baby ducks. What did you do this bank holiday weekend? let us know by emailing! 


Just a quick reminder to KEEP READING over half term, remember you can use myON where you will have access to lots of exciting fiction and non-fiction books at your ZPD level which you can quiz on afterwards. Just go to  and use your Accelerated Reader username/password. If you need any help Mr Litten has made a guide with simple steps to help you get started . A big well done to DaisyYihui, Holly, Daniel C and Praise who all have been reading using myON, excellent reading yes . 


Over half term you can be practicing your times tables on TTRockstars and completing some of the fun activities from your workbook. We also want you to have some rest, you have worked very hard and we are both very impressed with all of the work you have been sending us. 


Stay happy and safe Year 3, we miss you very much and cannot wait to hear from you soon, 


Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson x 


Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands




Super work again 3T!! You are amazing at battles.

Come on 3H, we were very close this week, I know we can beat 3T next week!  


Miss Drayson and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all these children who contributed to the battle!



3H – Daniel, Tony and Ryan.

3T - Nia, James C, Daisy, Daniel Yihui, Holy, Damian, Sophie, Scarlett and Eliana.  



This weeks MVP's

This weeks MVP'S are - 

3H – Daniel C, Tony and Ryan

3T – James, Yihui and Scarlett



The next battle begins today!!  Please support your class by logging on and taking part!!


Let the battle commence!!

Monday 18th May 2020
Χαίρετε Year 3!

Mrs Drayson has been thinking about the work which we completed on the Greeks and I found out that this is how they say hello!!  I know that lots of you can say hello, and much more, in many different languages.  Why don't you send me and Miss Hoolighan an email saying hello in a different language and we will try and work out what language it is!  We promise not to cheat and use Google translate!


We both hope that you have been having a good week at home and we can see from the work which you have sent us that you have been working very hard.  Have a look on the Wonderful Work page and see if you can see your work on there. 



To help increase your access to a range of books suitable for you to read you can now log on to myON, a web resource which has a range of genres to read - fiction and non - fiction.  This is linked to Accelerated Reader which we use in class. You can login to myON using the same username and password as you use for Accelerated Reader in class.  Mr Litten has posted a video on the school website showing you how to begin to use myON.  Once you have read a book, you can quiz on it!  Miss Hoolighan and I are looking forward to seeing how you get on!  Follow the link below for how to get started.


The Boy Who Grew Dragons - By Andy Shepherd

The missing part of the story, part 3, and the next installment, part 5, are now on the Video Resource Centre. Sorry for the delay caused by technical issues!  I will be uploading part 6 of the story later this week!  I hope you are enjoying listening to it as much as I am enjoying reading it to you.  



My Happy Mind 


I have had a busy week this week practising being mindful to help me stay healthy and happy.  Some of the activities I have completed to help me were walking my dog, exercising (as you can see in the next photo message) and listening to music in the garden whilst watering my plants.  I also completed a My Happy Mind questionnaire to help me find out what my strengths are.  My top strength was Love of Learning!!  This made me wonder what other strengths I have used this week and when I thought about it carefully I realised that I used my love and kindness strength, as I had been kind and caring to my family and myself and my love of life strength as I had been on a lovely walk with my family and see lots of ducklings, signets, ladybirds, frogs and  a heron and this made me feel very grateful that we have such wonderful animals in our world.  Which of the 5 character strengths do you think you used last week? How did you use them?  Which strengths do you think you will use this week?  Why might you use one strength more than another?  


Here is a nice exercise that you could try to help keep your mind happy and healthy - 

Look around your current surroundings and find five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. By the time you have finished listing all of these, you should hopefully feel calm and relaxed.



 Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands 


Well done Year 3T!!  

I am so proud of you! You smashed it but we can do even better with the score, I know we can! Let's get back to above 12,000 again.

A new battle begins today and ends on Saturday.  Can 3T make it 4 wins in a row??  

Come on 3H, Miss Hoolighan needs you!


Thank you to everyone who logged on and played, it really is a TEAM effort.


This weeks MVP's 

3H - Daniel C, Toni and Ryan.

3T - James, Yuhui, Scarlett.

Have a good week Year 3, remember to keep sending your work to the class email,we enjoy looking at the work you have completed.  If you do email please make sure that you get your parents permission.


Until next week Year 3 remember..,

















Good afternoon everybody, Mrs Drayson here. 


I just want to apologise to those of you who have been trying to listen to the story The Boy Who Grew Dragons or have been trying to complete the Tessellations and Right Angles challenge in your home learning packs.  Unfortunately,  the website has been experiencing some technical difficulties and for some reason I have not been able to upload these videos.  The Tessellations video has just uploaded so you should be able to begin to create some wonderful tessellating patterns!  I will keep trying to upload the remaining videos this week.  Fingers crossed I will be successful!! smiley

Monday 11th May                 Good morning Year 3!


We hope you have had a wonderful bank holiday weekend enjoying the sun smiley What have you been up to? Did anyone celebrate VE day on Friday? Let us know by emailing us at


If you haven’t had chance yet, look at our schools special message to all of the families and children. We are all missing you very much and hope you are staying happy and safe.  Can you spot Miss Hoolighan or Mrs Drayson?



This week we have been busy doing some work and spending time with our families. Mrs Drayson has been reading some more of the book The Boy Who Grew Dragons, remember you can listen to Mrs Drayson read the next chapters of the story on the video resource center. Miss Hoolighan has been practicing some mindfulness by happy breathing and colouring, why don’t you try some happy breathing or mindfulness colouring this week?


In some other interesting news, one of Miss Hooligan’s favourite authors J.K. Rowling announced something very exciting. Some celebrity reading enthusiasts will be reading the whole of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the first chapter is read by non-other than Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliff! You can listen for free following this link 


Stay safe Year 3 and we cannot wait to hear from you.


Love Miss Hoolighan and Miss Drayson


P.s. don’t forget …




Can you find all of the colours of the rainbow in your house? You have 10 minutes to collect items with all of the colours of the rainbow. Send us what items you find!







Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands




Amazing work again 3T!! You are smashing the battles.

Come on 3H, we NEED to beat 3T next week! I know we can do it . 


Miss Drayson and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all these children who contributed to the battle!



3H – Daniel, Tony and Moazan.

3T - Nia, James C, Yihui, Holy, Damian, Sophie, Scarlett and Eliana.  



This weeks MVP's

This weeks MVP'S are - 

3H – Daniel C, Tony and Moazan

3T – James, Yihui and Nia



The next battle begins today!!  Please support your class by logging on and taking part!!


Let the battle commence!!

Bonjour Year 3!  Mrs Drayson here!!


What have you been up to this week?  Anything exciting?  Remember you can let Miss Hoolighan and I know by emailing us using the email address at the top of the page!!  Please get in touch, Miss Hoolighan and I  do like finding out what you've all been up to!


Are you ready to find out who has won the Year 3 Battle of the Bands and who this weeks MVP's are??  Well you're just going to have to wait till later because first of all I want to tell you all about a very exciting message which all the staff at Holy Trinity have been working hard on making for you this week!  If you follow this link you will be able to see it!  We hope you all enjoy it, as you can see we have all been very busy being creative!  


I really enjoyed making mine because I find colouring very relaxing and it helps me to have a few mindful minutes.  I hope you have all been finding ways to be mindful and to switch of your brains.  Remember that mindfulness takes practise and it is about slowing down to help you make sure that you are really noticing what you are doing and the environment around you.  Think about the mindfulness activities which we carry out in class, perhaps you could close your eyes and listen to sounds which you can hear - listen very carefully... how many sounds can you hear in your house?  Or take 1 minute and  make a list of 5 things which are blue, 4 things which are red, 3 things which are yellow, 2 things which are green and 1 thing which is pink.

You could also always ...


Challenge 1!


Right here is a challenge for you Year 3 - Miss Hoolighan and I want you to fill a plate with 26 objects from around your house which begin with the letters A-Z.  Can you find one for each letter of the alphabet in 10 minutes?  

Ready... Steady... GO!!


Here is  mine... 

Here is Miss Hoolighan's...

I only managed to find 22 objects in 10 mins!  I could not find anything beginning with a, o,u or x!  Miss Hoolighan found 17 objects but she was clever because some of her objects are for more than one letter.

Can you beat the teachers?  

This week I have read 3 more chapters of 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'.  You need to start to listen to my retelling as the next pack of work includes some challenges around the story.  The pack which we have created should be coming to you soon in the post.  You can listen to the story by following this link - 


As I am enjoying reading this story so much that I decided to find out a little bit more about the author Andy Shepherd.  After doing some author research I found out that the idea for the story came from the stories which she told her two boys, a long time ago, when they were bored on long car journeys. One of the stories which she used to tell them was about a dragon who would pick up their car and fly them over the traffic jam to the beach!  After telling this story her boys imagined that there was a dragon living on their shed roof.  One of the boys would ask 'where does the dragon come from?'  One day Andy was struck by inspiration - 'what if the dragon had been grown on a plant?'  She then began to think about what a magnificent plant it would need to be to grow a dragon...  Then she remembered that there was a real tree called a dragon fruit tree.  Fortunately, the tree looked amazing, if it didn't though she would have created her own tree! 

Challenge 2!


So here is Andy's challenge to you!!  Can you design your own extraordinary dragon tree?!!  Remember to send Miss Hoolighan and I some pictures and we will then send them on to Andy Shepherd for her to see. 

If we are lucky she might reply!

Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands 

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for...


Fantastic work 3T!!  I am so, so proud of you!!  You are AMAZING!!

Come on 3H, let's see if you can beat us next week!  I am sure you can. 

Miss Hoolighan and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all these children who contributed to the battle!


3H - Ryan, Maisie-Lei, Benedicta, Louise and Daniel.

3T - Nia, James, Ryan, Yihui, Holy, Damian, Sophie, Scarlett, Eliana, Daisy and Katelyn.  


Well done for taking part and playing!

This weeks MVP's

This weeks MVP'S are - 

3H - Ryan and Daniel C

3T - Nia, James and Yihui 


The next battle begins today!!  Please support your class by logging on and taking part!!

3H, I am sure Miss Hoolighan wants to beat 3T this week.

Come on 3T we need to remain victorious!


Let the battle commence!!smiley





Until next week Year 3 please remember... 

Stay safe and take care!


 Times Tables Rockstars - Battle of the Bands 


Here are the rockstar champions for this week!


From 3H - Daniel C, Ryan O and Tahir

From 3T - Eliana, James, Holy, Jude, Sophie, Scarlett, Nia and Yuhui.


Next week we will be announcing MVP's from each class!! 


Next week (4th May) Battle of the Bands will begin!  Band 3T will take on Band 3H - who will win? 

The Battle will last 1 week.


Remember to logon this week and practise ahead of the Battle.  The more people that take part, the better chance your Band has of winning!

    Happy Reading! 


We know that some of you will be looking out for lots more books to read and quiz on. We now have access to over 7,000 digital (online) books for you to read for pleasure. 


Go to the following website:-                                          



There is no login needed. Just click on the 'Start Reading' button and search for a genre, a topic or just something that interests you.... When you have read the book, you can log in to AR, and quiz in the usual way....  

Monday 27th April                    Good Morning 


Hello Year 3, we hope you have had a good week and everyone is doing their best to keep happy and healthy! 


Thank you to those children who have emailed us. We love hearing what you have been up to at home and seeing your fabulous work you have completed. Check out our wonderful work page and you will see your classmates hard work. You can email us your work to . We have missed you all so much and cannot wait to hear from you! smiley


We have been busy reading again this week ... Miss Hoolighan and been learning some more interesting facts about Ancient Greece, did you know the Greeks often ate dinner while lying on their sides? Mrs Drayson has continued to read the next three chapters of The Boy Who Grew Dragons and we get to listen... How lucky are we?! You can listen to the story on the video resource center or click this link  



Your teachers have also had a fun time baking again this week, scrumptious scones and creamy red velvet cake.

What do you think? Have you been baking anything while at home? let us know blush


In other interesting news BBC Bitesize has now launched daily lessons that you can take part in. You will find these at  


Stay safe, happy and kind Year 3 x 


Quote of the week 

“You can always, always give something, even if it is only kindness!”

Anne Frank


And remember Year 3, you are AMAZING!




In some stories children’s views are ignored.

Watch this video 'Not Now, Bernard'. Think about what you would say to Bernard's parents if you had the chance. 


This links to Rights Respecting Schools, Unicef's Article 12. For more information and further challenges click on this link 

Not Now, Bernard

Not Now, Bernard

Monday 20th April                    Good Morning 


Hello Year 3.  We hope that you have had a good week and have been keeping safe and well.  Miss Hoolighan and I have really enjoyed reading your emails and keeping in touch.  It has been lovely to find out what you have been doing whilst you have been at home and it is also nice to see some of your smiley faces!  If you click on the star at the top of this page labelled Wonderful Work and then click on the other star labelled the 20th April, you will be able to see some of the great work which some of your classmates in Year 3H and 3T have been doing.  There has been lots of Maths going on which has made Mrs Drayson really happy and also some great art work being produced.  Sophie, your Roman shield is really great! I am sure that it would have worked really well when the Romans needed to make a tortoise formation in battle!  James, I really liked your X - Men t-shirt!  X - Men is almost as good as Star Wars!! 


Miss Hoolighan has been busy this week making a Victoria Sponge cake.  Take a look at the picture, isn't she very talented! Mrs Drayson didn't got round to baking last week, she was too busy doing another jigsaw and reading 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'.  If you follow this link you will be able to listen to me reading the introduction and the first chapter of this story.

I hope you enjoy it! I have asked a few questions at the end of my storytelling so please let me know your answers by email.  




This week I have also enjoyed chatting to my niece, Louise, on Zoom.  She is 8 years old and is also in Year 3.  She has been keeping herself busy by learning to draw some cartoon animals.  She has been watching a man called Pete McKee who is a Sheffield artist.  She has done a good job of these drawings don't you think?



Maybe you could have a go at following a lesson on line and then send Miss Hoolighan and I some pictures to the Year 3 email address at the top of the page.  Remember to ask permission from an adult if you send us an email.  Here is the link to Pete McKee's lessons -


Challenge -

Miss Hoolighan and I are wondering if you could complete the challenge below?!


First, look inside your kitchen cupboards and find some packets or tins of food.  

Next, have a look at where this food has come from - where has it been made/produced?

Then, can you find the country where the food came from on the map?  Have you visited any of these countries or do you have any family or friends who live there?

After that, think about why the food has come from this country.  Why do some crops/food grow better in some countries than in others? 

Now, can you find out what the distance is between where the food is from and Manchester?

After you have completed this you may want to research into how the food has been grown/produced.

Finally, send Miss Hoolighan and I the information you have found out. You may want to make a booklet or create a poster which shows us what you have found out.




We hope you have a fun and enjoyable week. Stay safe and remember as Dr Seuss said ... 


Monday 13thApril                      Good Morning 


Hello Year 3! Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson hope you have had a great week enjoying the sunny weather and your Easter celebrations smiley Did anyone get an Easter egg?


We hope that you are all still taking care of yourselves and also keeping busy by reading, playing and spending time with your family at home.  Miss Hoolighan is reading some of Roald Dahls classics and Mrs Drayson is reading The Boy Who Grew Dragons.



We have been spending lots of time outside in the garden and walking our dogs (Lola and Walt). We hope you are getting some fresh air but also keeping safe.




Next week we are thinking of doing some baking. Do you have any suggestions about what delicious cakes or scrumptious biscuits we can make? Let us know by email!


Stay safe, healthy and happy Year three. We both miss you all lots and cannot wait to see your smiling faces x


DON’T FORGET! We would love to hear everything you have been getting up to or if you have any questions you can email Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson on .


Well done!


We would like to say a big well done to Daniel in 3H who has been producing some amazing work and has sent it to us. Well done Daniel keep it up! laugh



We would love to see more superb work and you can all can send it to us by email. 




Can you have a go at this home challenge sheet?  

Where to look:,6OWX,2JX5BZ,PCT4,1



Or create your own perfect picture?


You can go on Pobble 365 there will be a new picture, questions and perfect picture design to create every day!

Where to look:

Stay in touch!


So we can stay in touch with you we have a new email address for our Year Group.  You may want to email us pictures of some of the exciting work you have produced at home, or just send us a note letting us know how you are doing.  If you would like to email either Miss Hoolighan or Mrs Drayson then please make sure that you get permission from your parents or carers.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Good Morning to 3H and 3T

Monday 6th April.

A big hello from Miss Hoolighan and Mrs Drayson on a super, sizzling, sunny day!   

We hope that you are all okay and are smiling and happy.  Miss Hoolighan and I hope that you are all keeping busy and are enjoying learning at home.  Miss Hoolighan and I have been busy this week getting some work ready for you for after Easter this week, we hope that you will enjoy what we have put together.  Mrs Drayson has found some great Geography work for you to complete and Miss Hoolighan has found some sensational Science activities!  Have you spotted my amazing alliteration Year 3?!! Have you found any in the books you have been reading?  Can you find any elsewhere? 


This week I have kept my Maths mind busy by trying to  complete the following reasoning problems!  If you follow the link below you will find a video from Number Fun which is a resource which we have used in school.

Have a go and see if you can complete any of the problems.  Remember if you find something difficult you have to keep trying resilient.  Trying and getting something wrong is how we learn!

If you would like some Easter Maths fun, the White Rose have just added some daily activities to their website.  I like the sound of the Bake it challenge or the Estimation challenge!


Here is the link if you'd like to try any of them -


If you would like to do some singing this week, have a look at Mrs Harling's Year 6 page, she has posted a Truth song as our value next half term is Truth. 


Remember to keep yourself safe and happy.  Do some deep breathing or listen carefully to how many sounds you can hear around you during a mindful minute. Good thoughts help us to stay healthy, it inspires others to be happy and it makes you a nice person to be around.

As Roald Dahl said,

'' If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely!''


Year 3, you always look lovely to us!  wink


Home Learning


Just a reminder that you can log on to AR reader at home and quiz on all those wonderful books that you have been reading at home. 

You can log on using the following link - 


Then all you need to do is use the username and password that you usually use in school!


Congratulations - 

A big well done goes to Nia M in 3T who has been extremely active on AR reader

and has read 25,837 words in the last week!  smileyyes


Some super star readers in 3H. Well done to Ryan, Tony and Dickson keep it up!  laughyes





Welcome to Year Three's class page.


On this page you will be able to find out information about the learning which takes place in Year 3H and Year 3T.  We will update this page regularly with information about the activities and learning that we do as well as important dates and times.  The children will be taught by Miss Hoolighan in Year 3H and Mrs Drayson (Monday to Thursday) and Miss Brown (Friday) in Year 3T.  The Year 3 team will also include Miss Quinn, Mrs Johnson and Mr Dowling.  


Things to remember:


Reading books should be in school everyday and it is important that you encourage your child to read every night.  In Year 3 the children will be involved in the Accelerated Reader scheme. (More information will follow).  The children will be given the opportunity to change their book throughout the week. 


In Year 3 we are lucky enough to go swimming! 3H go swimming on a Monday at 9am and 3T go on a Wednesday at 9am.  It is very important that your child is in school on time and that they have their swimming kit. 

Swimming Kit

Girls -  need a one piece swimming costume, a swimming hat if their hair covers their eyes or airways and a towel. 

Boys -  need a pair of traditional swimming trunks, a swimming hat if their hair is long enough to cover their eyes or airways and a towel. 

PLEASE NOTE that it is the policy of the School Swimming Programme that no jewellery of any description be worn. It is important that earrings are removed.




Year 3 will do PE on a Thursday.  Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school on this day.


Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2019-20


During Spring 2 we will be learning the following - 


English - Writing to Inform - Biography for Julius Caesar.

Maths - Data, Measuring length and Fractions.

Science  - Magnets and Forces, Rocks and Soils.

History - The Romans. 

Art - Painting.

Computing - Digital Communications and the Web

RE - Easter

Curriculum Overview Spring 2