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Year 3

These are now the archived pages. If you have accessed this page via a saved link you need to go back and access the up to date page found here:

Please find below the remote learning timetable for Year 3 pupils for the next week. Please check on here everyday for more detailed instructions and guidance.
Please remember to email work to

Monday 22nd February 

Good morning everyone. We hope you have had a restful half term and been able to do a few things that spark joy.  At the moment we know we have at least another 2 weeks of remote learning and then we will hopefully hear from our Prime Minister Boris Johnson on what the plan will be on returning to school.


Remember to email your work everyday (or every other day if your parents are working or too busy too) 




For the next few weeks are English work will have a more reading focus than in previous weeks. We will be looking at the story 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne. Some of you may be familiar with this story already. In today's lesson you will be engaging with the text. Follow the link below.


Send me :

- Your predictions about the text from looking at the front cover

- A mind map or your own way of showing features of fairy tales



In Maths we are moving onto statistics this week, which is ways of showing data or information. Today you will be having a recap on Tally Charts. You should have the corresponding (matching) sheet in your pack that was posted just before half term. 

Watch the lesson on the link below:






For the next couple of weeks we are continuing with gymnastics. This week we have a special treat as Vicky has sent us a video for our lesson! 

Gymnastics video from Vicky

Still image for this video


Well done to 3T for winning the last battle before half term. I have set another battle for this week! Come on 3H!  It was a close battle last time! 

Today we would like you to go on and practise your timetables for at least 15 minutes.

Thursday 11th February

Well done everyone you have made it to the end of the term! We know it hasn't been easy learning from home for the past few weeks but we are VERY proud of you and how hard you are working. I know when I have spoken to a lot of your parents they have been really proud of you too! Keep up the good work and enjoy a rest over half term (one week) and  do things that make you happy. I'll look forward to hearing about it when we return.


Todays work



Today we are doing our last lesson on money. You are looking at giving change. This is a very important life skill.


We have finished our English unit so today we would like you to create a shop using toys and things in your house to link with our work on money. We would like you to create a poster for your shop with little descriptions of what you sell using adjectives.  e.g Can you believe this soft, brown teddy is only £5? What an amazing price! 


Once you have created your poster you could play in your shop and write shopping lists and practise the skills you have developed with money. Giving the correct money, giving change etc.


Take some photographs if you can so we can add them to the website so your friends can see you.




This afternoon we would like you to complete the science investigation from last week. Looking at 'can a magnet still attract and object through a variety of materials?' I know a few of you got a little confused with the sheet last week so don't worry about that. Today all we would like to see is your predictions and the results. Remember to keep it a fair test we should only be changing one thing (in this case the middle material). So you should use the same magnet for each material and the same small magnetic object.



Material Prediction Result
Card I think the magnet will / won't work through the card because..... The magnet did / didn't work through the card.
Plastic bag    



What do you think about your findings? Did anything surprise you? If you were to do the investigation again would you change anything to see if the results changed? 



Log on and do 15 minutes of Myon reading. Remember you can log on to myon and ttrockstars at any point over the half term if you are feeling a little bored. 


Enjoy the half term break.

 From all the Year 3 team

Wednesday 10th February

A big well done for those of you who completed you internet safety work yesterday. It is really important that we keep safe online and know who and what information we should trust and what we should tell the trusted adults in our life. 




Today you will be developing reading for pleasure through personal reflection. It is really important that you find text's that you enjoy. We don't all enjoy the same food so why would we enjoy the same books? Do you know the genre of texts that you enjoy? Do you prefer texts that entertain or inform? Are there any topics you particularly enjoy reading? 




We are continuing with money in our maths lesson today. We are looking at how to subtract money




If you did not get round to doing your Gods and Goddesses work from yesterday because you also had your internet safety to complete please do that today.



Please also complete pages 7-8 in your journal. Think about how are you unique? (what hobbies, skills, likes and dislikes do you have that might be different to other people). What are your dreams for the future? 

Think of 3 targets that will help you achieve that drea, (work hard at maths, practise my singing etc)



Go back to battle and help your class! It is very close at the minute 69 points to 3T and 61 points to 3H. 

Tuesday 9th February

Good morning. Well done to 3T who are currently winning the TTRockstars battle. Well done to Adebola, Ruben, Nathaniel, Matthew, Victory, Dolcie, Nicolas, Evie, Finlay and Bemenet for contributing to your classes score! Come on everyone else you class need your support! 


Today is also internet safety day we will be doing some tasks this afternoon around this. If you have older siblings in our school though they will be asked to watch the same videos and complete the same task so maybe watch it together. 




Today you will be editing your work on the climax of the  story.




Today you will be continuing with money. Today you will be adding money.



Internet safety

1) Watch this internet safety assembly


2)Complete the template below - if you can not print it off just draw and create your own outline.


Use the template to explore how we can all work together to question the online world and challenge ourselves and the people and apps we interact with online to change the internet for the better.
They could fill the magnifying glass with their ideas about how we can create #AnInternetWeTrust.

This could be:
● Questions to ask when you are looking at information online, for example: Who
wrote this? Why was it written?
● Words or questions we can ask to help us spot if something is reliable online.
● Illustrations of what a better, more trustworthy internet could look like. Or images
of online clues that may make something seem less reliable or trustworthy.
● Pledges of what they will do to help create a more trustworthy internet, such as,
“I will only share things I have checked are true” or “I will support my friends if
fake news upsets them.”
● They can also fill in the #AnInternetWeTrust hashtag template in any way they like!


We are aware children are spending a lot more time online (and we know this can be unsupervised at times) Please ensure you know what your children are doing online and what games they are on. 


- Here is a link to the internet safety page.

- Here is a link to Holy Trinity's e-safety page on how we keep children safe at school

We also have advice on specific games if needed (e.g Roblox)

- Please watch the video below on ways to keep your children safe online. 


As we have added internet safety day to the timetable do not worry if you do not get all the history done today you can finish it tomorrow after PSHE.


Today we are looking at the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses.


1) Watch this video 



2) Then you need to read through the information on your sheets and then fill in the information for each of the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Also add the correct picture.

Monday 8th February 

Good morning. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and did something that makes you happy. I went on a long walk with my little boy even though it was pouring with rain. We put on our wellies and coats and he splashed in the BIGGEST puddles he could find!Our hands were freezing cold by the time we got home but we soon warmed up. I'd love to hear if you did anything that made you happy this weekend.

Miss Glaysher


p.s. As it is the last week I am on your remote learning for Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Delaney will be back for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is an inset day so we will both be in school completing some work with Ms Fenlon.


Todays work



You are continuing with the Man on the Moon work. Today you will be writing the climax of the story. Your stories so far have been great so keep it up!



Today you will also be continuing with work on money. Today you are converting from pounds into pence.



Today we are going to be continuing our gymnastics. We are going to prepare for our gymnastics competition we will have when we return to school. I would like you to select one movement from each section on the list in the picture. That means you should complete:

1) Present (girls putting both arms above your head, boys put one arm up above your head)

2) Hold a shape

3) Complete a roll

4) Hold a 3 point balance for 3 seconds ( 3 body parts touching the floor)

5) Travel

6) Complete a jump


Please look at this document below to see what each of the movements look like.


We would like you complete at least 15 minutes on TTRockstars.


After a very tight competition in the last battle the final winners were 3H



Well done to all of you who took part this was the closest battle yet!


A big well done to Adebola for being the highest scoring pupil in the whole of Year 3 and also to Mirabel for being the second highest scorer! Well done girls! 


Can you be the highest scorer on this weeks battle? Come on 3T you can even the scores!

Friday 5th February

Good morning and happy Friday. Well done for the excellent work that has been sent in. Remember to watch the celebration assembly that Mr Litten will send out today to see if you have been selected as the worker of the week .


Todays learning




Today we will be looking at planning the climax of the story.





Today we will be looking at pounds and pence. A lot of you have been doing excellent work on this. I'm impressed how much you have remembered from Year 2.




Today we are continuing our work on portraits. Today you will be practising drawing noses and mouths. Remember you should be drawing with a pencil so you can control the pressure of your lines.


As last week look carefully in a mirror to see the shapes and smaller details 


- The line between your lips is the darkest you should draw this line first. 

- Then lightly draw the upper and lower lip line.

- Then slightly shade your lips. The top lip is often in shade so is darker than your top lip


As in our art lessons you should sketch around 4 or 5 sets of lips to really practise the skills and trial different shapes, pressures and skills. They should not be perfect at this point.



Noses are quite difficult to draw I know I really find them hard to draw. 

- I would suggest drawing shadows rather than the nose itself.

- Look at the hollows of your nostrils and the shadows either side and beneath.

Again practise 4 or 5 noses and try different skills and see which you like best.


Yesterday I forgot to mention you should go on TTRockstars.


3T are currently winning the battle so come on 3H!!!!

Thursday 4th February 

Good morning everyone. Some fantastic work coming in from you over the past few days. Well done.




Today you will be writing the second part of your build up that you started yesterday.



We are continuing with money in maths. Today you will be looking at pounds. Can you find money around your house and count it? (make sure you ask an adult first)


Then complete the sheets




Today we are continuing with our work on magnets. Can you answer these questions to an adult or older brother or sister. Can you remember facts about magnets? What are the ends called? What is it called when they pull together? Push apart? What are magnets attracted too? How are these materials similar?


Today we would like you to plan a science investigation using the planning proforma (as below). I have completed most of it already for you so you just need to complete the final sections.

You need a very small magnetic object for this to work like a paperclip and some different objects to use as the layer in between the magnetic object and the magnet. This might be paper, a table, fabric, tissue. Whatever you can find around your house. 


You have to investigate which objects does the magnet work through and which does it not work through?


So you will place the small magnetic object (e.g paperclip) on the top of the middle layer (which you will change) and the magnet on the bottom.  Collect a selection of middle layer materials and then make your predictions on your sheet. Which will work and which will not?


You will be carrying out the investigation for next weeks Science lesson so keep this sheet safe. If you wish to get ahead you may carry out the investigation this week.

Some examples of excellent work! Well done everyone.

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning everyone. It was nice getting to speak to a few of you yesterday and I will be calling a few more of you today. 


Here is today's work


Today you will writing up the first section of your build up using the skills you have been practising the past few days.




Time to move on to something new in maths now as you have done some brilliant work on multiplication and division. If you do not yet know all these multiplication tables off by heart yet - make sure you keep practising them.  You should be able to answer any question in these timestables without having to think or count. Don't worry if you can't do that yet but keep practising! You should know x2,3,4,5,8 and x10.


Today you are moving on to money. This is a recap of learning from Y2. 

1) Watch the video


2) Complete the sheet


This week is Children's mental health week. The theme is all about express yourself.


Watch this assembly all about mental health week if you have time


Complete the draw your feelings activity like they complete in the assembly.

Here is a short video if you can't watch the full assembly above


Now I'd like you to do something that makes you feel good and a way to express yourself. So you might want to dance around your living room in your favourite clothes or draw a picture somewhere quiet or even write yourself a song. Send me a picture of how you are looking after your mental health. 


If you have time also complete pages 4-6 in your journal. Think of occasions when you have shown strength, been brave and how you can show acts of kindness.

Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning everyone. Thank you for all the work you have been sending in. However, I was a little sad yesterday as I only got a few photographs of people doing PE. I know for some of you this might be tricky as you don't have enough space. If you do have the space it is important to keep your body moving and active. This week is children's mental health week and we will be doing a little more work on that tomorrow during our PSHE work. Moving our bodies is a good way to keep your brain happy too. 



Today you will be writing a range of sentence types which you will use in the build up of your fiction text that will entertain the reader. 

Send me:

Your sentences with a range of sentence types.

- Two simple sentences to show suspense.

- A compound sentence linked with 'but, and, or'

- A complex sentence linked with 'because, when' - a main idea with a 'helper' 



Today is our last day on multiplication and division. Make sure you keep up the practise on these. By the end of Year 3 you should know the x2, x3, x4, x5, x8 and x10 multiplcation tables. If you don't know them yet - keep up that practise.


Today x8 Multiplication table

1) Watch the lesson on this video


2) Complete the worksheet


Look at these images (there is a copy in your pack). What can you infer (guess from looking at clues) about the Ancient Greeks from looking at these images? These inferences might be true or false it doesn’t really matter at this point. This lesson is about looking at sources of historical evidence and looking at what information this might give us. Label things you can see around the pictures and write any questions you think about the Ancient Greek times from looking at clues in the pictures.


e.g. Was it hot in Ancient Greece as he is wearing sandals? 


Log on to TTRockstars and play for 15 minutes . I have started a new battle which class will win this time? 

Monday 1st February

Good morning everyone, Miss Glaysher here this week. I hope you are all ok and ready for another week of hard work. So today is the first day of February and hopefully closer to getting back to school as all the adults in school miss you. I will be ringing around this week and look forward to hopefully getting to speak to you as well as the adults in your house. 



Today we are continuing the work on the man on the moon. You will be looking at vocabulary to use in the build up of a narrative.  You will be planning the build up of the story which follows on from the introduction of the story last week.




Remember: Show not tell


Send me:

- Your ideas about Lily

- Your ideas about the old man

- Your sentence using the ideas from the videos using show not tell. 



Today we are moving onto divide by 8. Don't worry if you are struggling to count in 8s. Most of the children at school last week did too. We wrote a list of the numbers in the 8 times table and practised throughout the day. You can do this too and maybe practise covering up a couple of the numbers and see if you can remember them.


1) Watch the lesson video


2) Complete the worksheet - see it below 


1) Practise your shape balance, roll, 3 point balance, travel and jump. (if you have space) from last week.


2) Practise rock and roll

We started looking at this with Vicki when we were at school. Can you do the simple version and try the more complex version?


3) We want you to link a different 3 of the moves today similarly to last week. How smoothly can you transition from one to the other? Do some moves work more smoothly than others when joining them together?


4) Can you send me a picture of you doing one of the moves?


Complete 15 minutes atleast on myon.

 Friday 29th January 2021 

Good morning Yr3!

If you have completed work but have not yet sent it please send it to as we are keeping a record of the work we have received.

It's our last day of learning today before we all have a well deserved break over the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend and take care!



I know the English was a little difficult yesterday so well done to those who completed it. If you need more time to finish it that's okay.


To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes:-Y Including test.

In this lesson, you will practise the rules associated with adding the suffix -y. You will learn how to practise using the 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' strategy and will be tested on  the words previously learnt.

Click on the link below and watch the video



Multiply by 8

Click on the link below and watch the video

I have attached the sheets below to show you which sheets to do.



Drawing eyes

Use a mirror to look at the shape and colour of your eyes and eyelashes, compare them with someone else's (mum, dad, sibling) 

Do you notice that you cannot see the whole of the iris; the top and bottom are generally hidden by the eyelids.

Look at where your eyelashes grow from, and the angle from the eyelid (to the side rather than upwards) and how they grow in little clusters on the lower lid.

Look carefully at the iris, do you notice the lines radiating from the pupil and the dot of reflective light near the middle.

Now draw your eyes and remember to include all the things you have noticed.


Log on to Myon. (see if you can read a fiction and non-fiction book)


Thursday 28th January 2021

Good morning Yr3! I hope you are all well.

I have received lots of emails of children's work over the past few days however some children are doing all the sheets at once or different sheets to the work set. 

Please only do the work sheets we set out each day on this class page.

If you are unsure of which ones to do email us





To write the opening of a narrative.

In this lesson, you will write the opening of a narrative.

Click on the link below and watch the video



4 times-table

Click on the link below and watch the video

I have attached the Maths work sheets below



What is a magnet?

Click on the link below and watch the video

Pick a magnetic object from last lesson and investigate can you attract the object without making contact.

Why don’t you try to put it either side of a table or a book?

What other material will the magnet work through?

 Do magnets need to make contact with the item for it to attract?


 Can you create a glossary?- definitions for repel, attract, magnetic, south and north pole.



Log on to TTRS (see if you can beat your previous score)

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good morning Yr3! Well done to everyone who emailed me their work yesterday.

I have attached it below.



To develop a rich understanding of words associated with sadness.

In this lesson, you will be introduced to new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences.

Click on the link below and watch the video



Divide by 4

Click on the link below and watch the video

I have attached the sheets to show you which ones to do.



My Positive Affirmations Journal

Do pages 1-3 in your journal.

Choose 6 affirmations that best describes you.

 Draw people who care for you.




Log on on to MYon. 

Tuesday 26th January 2021


Good morning Yr3! Hope you are all well!

A big thank you to all those children who emailed their work yesterday. I have attached it below.



To describe two contrasting settings and characters

In this lesson, you will develop vocabulary to describe the characters and the setting.

Click on the link below and watch the video the email your sentences



Multiply by 4

Click on the link below and watch the video

I have attached the sheets below to show you which ones to do.


Ancient Greece

Looking at Greece today:

Who has been to Greece? What was it like there?

Can you research examples life in modern day Greece?

What do you notice? Is it mainland or islands? 

Is it hot and dry climates?


Take part in a Cosmic Kids Yoga Session (You tube)

Monday 25th January 2021


Good morning Yr3! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and played in the snow!

It's Mrs Delaney this week replying to your emails, checking your work and answering any questions you may have. Miss Glaysher will be teaching the children in school this week.




In this lesson, you will we learn about complex sentences and have a practise at writing some.

Click on the link, watch the video then email me your sentences




3 times-table

Click on the link and watch the video

I have attached the sheets to show you which ones you need to do today.



Practise your shape balance, roll, 3 point balance, travel and jump. (if you have space) from last week.


We want you to link 3 of these moves today. Look back at the moves from last week and can you pick three actions and do them one after the other. How smoothly can you transition from one to the other? Do some moves work more smoothly than others when joining?



TTRS Log on to TTRS.

Friday 22nd January

Good morning and happy Friday! Thank you for all the excellent work you have sent me this week.


Please watch the celebration assembly for the remote learners this week!




Today you are going to be looking at the suffix y. Can you remember the spelling rules for the suffixes you learnt when we did monster pizza?


Send me:

- Pattern 1: spellings she gives you to add -y to (just add suffix)

- Pattern 2: spellings she gives you to add -y to (remove -e add -y)

- Pattern 3: spellings she gives you to add -y to(double the constant and add suffic -y)

- Your spellings



Following on from yesterdays learning today you will be dividing by 3. You may be struggling with counting in 3s but this is something that is really important that you practise and learn. Why don't you play some games to help you count in 3s, order the numbers on post it notes, count in 3s as you go up the stairs, play pairs. The quicker you can recall your multiplication tables the better.


Today's video:


Then complete the worksheets.




Today we are starting a new unit it in our art. We are moving to complete sketching looking at portraits and self portraits. 


Task 1: Pre-learn

-First I would like you to complete a pre-learn and draw a self portrait. Look in a mirror and draw a picture of yourself. This should be of just your face and doesn't need your body in. It should be around 1/2 an a4 page. (please ensure you label this pre -learn so we can compare it to your final piece in a few weeks time)


Task 2: Drawing heads and position of features: You might want a parent or brother/sister to have a go too:

- Now we are going to learn how to draw heads and faces - where do your eyes, nose etc go? How does your hair grow?

1) Head shape: Look carefully your face is not round like a ball. Everyones fact is a different shape but generally they are oval. Think rugby ball, not football.

- Lightly draw your oval filling your 1/2 A4 page.

2) Draw a line halfway across the face (from left to right). On this line draw your eyes. They should be about one eye width apart

3) Draw eyebrows above them. Look carefully at the shape of your eyebrows as everyones are different

4) Draw another line halfway between eyes and chin. This is roughly where the nose ends. 

- Look at the shape of your nostrils and draw that shape on your line

5) Draw your mouth half way between nostrils and chin.

6) Draw ears. The top of your ears are inline with your eyebrows usually.  Bottom ear lobes are usually inline with your mouth

7) Look where your hair is. It doesn't grow out the top of your head. You hairline starts much further forward. Which direction does your hair go? What type of line will you use to draw your hair - straight lines? zig zag lines? wavy lines? Draw your hair. 


Finally we would like you to go on ttrockstars for 15 minutes. The battle between 3H and 3T finishes today! Who will win?? 

Thursday 21st January

Good morning. We have really enjoyed seeing a lot of you over the past few days dropping off your new packs. If yours has not yet arrived, there are just a couple we need to still deliver and a few that are arriving via post if you live far away. 




This morning we are starting a new unit. If you are currently behind it is maybe a good idea to join the rest of the class today.


We are now starting a fiction text based around 'Man on the Moon'. Today we are making initial responses to the video.


Send me:

- Your picture of the man on the moon (and maybe his home if you have time)

- Your likes and dislikes about the clip 

- Questions about the clip

- Questions Lily might have



This starts in your new pack today, even though we are continuing with multiplication and division. If you have not yet received your new pack please just write the answers onto paper. Today you are looking at multiplying by 3.


Then complete the sheets.




Today we are starting our new Science unit on magnets and forces. In your pack you have been given a magnet- keep this safe as you will need it for the next few science lessons. 


Part 1

- Complete the pre-learn mind map in your pack labelled lesson 1. With a pencil write everything YOU know about magnets and forces. Don't worry if this isn't very much at the moment as we haven't learnt anything yet. We will add to this at the end of the unit like we do at school to show how much you have learnt. It looks like this :

Part 2

What do you know about Magnets? What makes something magnetic? What items do you know that are magnetic? How are they similar / different? Where do you find magnets used for a useful purpose other than on the fridge to hold up pictures? 


We want you to now go round your home and find which objects are magnetic and which are not. Put them in the correct place on your table (also in your pack)


15 minutes reading on myon

Wednesday 20th January

Good morning. It was so lovely getting to see some of you yesterday when we delivered your packs. If you have not yet received yours yet, it is going to be delivered today hopefully. Please see photos at the bottom of today's work to see some of the work your friends have sent me! There is some great work- Well Done Year 3!




Today is your last day on Monster Pizza. I know a lot of you have told us how much you have enjoyed this unit. Hopefully you will remember all the skills when we go back to school especially those word groups. Well done on all your hard work on your instructions.


Today you are going to be a monster and invite a friend to your monster party. 


Send me:

- warm up - your adjectives to go with the list of nouns

- your invitation inviting your friends to your party. Remember to use the adjectives to make it sound fun! Remember to write about the pizza, the activities (what they will do) and where and when the party is. 



Today we are building on the rest of division work we have been doing in the previous lessons. Today you are dividing by 10. I'm sure you should find it easy by today.



- Your warm up answers.

- Today's sheet

- True or False answer



This afternoon we would like you to think about your friends. Who is a good friend to you? What makes them a good friend? What sort of things do they do to show you they are a good friend? How do they make you feel?


Today we would like you to draw a picture of someone who is a friend to you. We then would like you to write what makes them a good friend. Please send pictures of your work so we can share them on the website tomorrow. (Maybe look through our forest schools pictures much further down the website to remind you of people in our class)




Come on 3T you need to work hard today on TTRockstars so you can try and win the battle! At the minute 3H are winning.


3H- 87 Points  Vs 3T- 39 Points

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good morning. I loved receiving all your work yesterday. Keep it up! We will be coming round to deliver your next pack to go alongside your online videos over the next few days.



We are coming towards the end of our unit on Monster Pizza and I am looking forward to reading your instructions today.Remember all the things that you have learnt over the past 8 lessons. Look through the work you have done in the previous lessons and magpie the ideas


Watch the video

Send me:

- warm up:  sequencing words (you don't need to write them in the full sentence)

- sorted words into the correct word class : nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs

Your 4 instruction sentences!!! Listen carefully to the guidance from the online teacher.

- Make sure you check your work.



Today we are looking at dividing by 5. Think carefully if you are sharing or grouping. What does each method look like? How will it look on your page? How can you prove your working out?

- Watch the video:


Think carefully between the relationship between multiplication and division. 

- complete the worksheet dated 19/1/21 and the True or False questions



Today we will be learning about he structure of the earth. Do you know the layers that make up earth? Watch this video:


I would like you to now be as creative and crafty as you like and recreate the structure of the earth and label each layer. You might choose to draw/ paint the earth, use tissue paper or even use playdough. 


Here are some ideas


We would like you to go onto myon and read a new text and do a quiz. You should be reading for at least 15 minutes. 

Your work from Monday 18th January

 We are going to start putting some of your work up each day in a gallery. Keep your eyes peeled and see if you can see your work! We think it is great for you to see what your friends are doing! 

Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a nice, restful weekend. It is Miss Glaysher here. I will be adding all the work to the web page this week and replying to all your emails. I will also be ringing you at some point this week, so I am looking forward to speaking to you as I miss you very much.


Mrs Delaney is working in school this week but she has told me about the fantastic work you have been sending her. This week I will be adding some of the work you send me to a photo gallery, to share it with your classmates. 


Remember to send me your work at




Today we are going to be practising orally rehearsing our instructions on how to make a monster pizza.

Send me

- Warm up: your sorted list of adjectives and nouns 

- Your adjectives to describe the ingredients (dough, sauce and toppings)

- List of adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs  and sequencing words that you will use in your instructions

- You DO NOT need to send me sentences today as you have just practised saying them today. 



Today we are learning how to divide by two. Watch the video below and then complete the correct worksheet. Don't forget to complete the true or false question.



Today we want you to practise the parts to a gymnastics sequence. We want you to  practise a shape, roll, 3 point balance, travel and a jump (if you have space). Think about all the things that we have done in school with Vicky. Look at the chart below for some ideas for each section. 


I have set up a new battle on timestables rockstars. Who can win this week? The score on the last battles are 2-1 to 3H! Can 3T make it a draw on this battle?

Make sure you go on today for at least 15 minutes. 

Friday 15.01.21                                Remote Learning


Good morning Yr3!

Hope you are all well and ready for our last day of learning for the week. You can all have a well deserved rest over the weekend especially after all the hard work you have been doing. I am so impressed with all the work that has been emailed to us

Take care and have a lovely weekend!




In this lesson, you will practise the rules associated with adding the suffixes -er and -est. You will learn how to practise using the colour blocking strategy and will test the words previously set to learn.

Click on the link and watch the video

Answer the questions in your book, take a picture then email us



In this lesson, you learn to make equal groups by grouping.

Click on the link below and watch the video. - Sorry this link was wrong this morning. It is now the correct link

I have attached the sheets you need for today's lesson.

They should be in your pack from school.



Can you compare the temperatures of Manchester from your weather diary last week

to that of the temperatures in Brazil?



Take part in a Cosmic Kids Yoga Session( You tube)

Thursday 14.01.21                                Remote Learning


Good morning Y3.

A big thank you and well done to all the children who have been emailing their work to us everyday. You are amazing! If you've not done it yet don't worry send it to us today


Today's lessons are:



In this lesson, you will recap imperative verbs and sequencing words. You will also investigate using adverbs in instructions and write some sentences using sequencing words, verbs and adverbs.

Click on the link below, watch the video and send us your work.



In this lesson, you will make equal groups by sharing.

Click on the link below and watch the video

A copy of the work sheets you need to for today are below.

They should also be in your pack from school.



 Can you add cross hatching to a still life drawing to add shading?( Remember we did this in our Art lessons when we drew buildings and used cross hatching to develop shading on light and dark areas)

You might choose to use colour.



Log on to TTRS (see if you can beat your previous score)

Wednesday 13.01.21                                  Remote Learning


Good morning Yr3 Hope you are all well!

Today's lessons are:



In this lesson, you will be introduce to new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences.

Click on the link below and watch the video.



In this lesson, you will using your 5 times-table to answer the questions.

Click on the link below and watch the video.


Here are a copy of the worksheets that you need to do today.

You should have these in your pack from school



How are you feeling today?

Draw a picture of yourself today and label it with how you are feeling.

Remember all feelings are normal! happy, sad, excited, worried, scared, bored, upset, surprised, shocked, angry, furious, etc



Take part in a Joe Wicks session. ( You tube)

See how long you can keep up with him.

 Try and get all the family involved. See who is the fittest!


Tuesday 12.01.21                                        Remote Learning


Good morning Yr3!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning. I received lots of emails yesterday from children who had completed their work. Well done!smiley If you've not sent your work, make sure you do it today as we are monitoring all children who are doing their work and emailing it to 

Let's hope I get lots more emails today!


Today's lessons are:



In this lesson, you will look at the ingredients of a pizza and generate ideas for what types of ingredients a monster would use to make their pizza.

Click on the link below.




In this lesson you will be practising your 2 times-table.


Click on the link below


Watch the video then complete the work sheets. I have attached them below so you know which ones to do.











Learn about different types of rock. 

Write a simple sentence to describe each rock: Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic.

Click on the link below to help you:


Hope you enjoy this song!

Click on the link below:



 Log on to Myon.

If you've forgotten your log in details email us at

Monday 11.01.21                     Remote learning


Good morning Yr3!

It's Mrs Delaney here, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week I'm going to be checking your work and answering emails with any questions you might have whilst Miss Glaysher is going to be teaching the keyworker children. Well done to all those children who have sent us their work last week however we are missing some children's work.

 Remember we need to see your work everyday, if you're not sure how to do it email us at and we will explain.




In this lesson, you will be given a definition of 'being' verbs. First, you will identify the forms of the verb 'to be' in sentences. Then, you will look at plural and singular forms of the verb 'to be'. After that, you will look at past/present tense forms of the verb 'to be' and finally, you will complete a task where you need to choose the correct verb for each sentence. Please click on the link below.



Using arrays

Watch the video then answer the questions on the worksheet that is in your pack. Also I have attached them to show you which one it is.








Can you practise a balance, you can do a roll or put weight on you hands? See how long you can hold that balance for then swap to your weaker leg or arm. Can you holder it for longer or are you a bit wobbly on the opposite leg or arm?  (only do this if you have space)



Log on to TTRS. (If you have forgotten your login details just send us an email and we will send them them to you)


8/1/21                  Remote Learning



Today we are continuing looking at instructions. We are learning about suffixes. Can you remember what a suffix is? Where do we find it in a word? How does the word change when we add a suffix?

Lesson 2:




1. Watch the video about multiplication on using the symbol. This is another recap from Y2.


2. Complete the worksheet. It is in your pack and also found below.

3. Complete the True or false. It is in your pack and also found below

4. Send a photograph of these to us.



Geography: Can you keep a weather diary for the next 7 days. How creative can you make it? Can you research and find the temperatures for Manchester too? Maybe you would like to draw images or write sentences. 


Reading:Log on to myon and choose atleast one new book to read. (Your log in is the same as your log on at school to quiz but needs to be in CAPITAL LETTERS) Can you quiz on it too. If you are struggling to get enough screen time you may read a book from your collection at home and send us a picture of a book review about it. If you can not find your log in please get in touch via


Remote Learning 


Good Morning Y3 here is today's learning. We are missing a few children's work. Please complete your work take a photograph then email it to us at


Morning Tasks


For English watch the following video and identify the instruction and write your work in your exercise book from last time or on a piece of paper take a photograph and send it to us. (Keep it safe)



1. Watch the video about multiplication of equal groups. This is a recap from Y2 so get your brains working.

2. Complete the worksheet.

3. Complete the True or false.

4. Send a photograph of these to us.

You will have received these in your packs if not there are below, write your answer sheets on a piece of paper and send it to us.

If you have not received your pack yet it's on it's way.

Afternoon Tasks



Can you do a still life drawing of objects from around your house? Look carefully at the shapes, sizes and lines. Remember we only press gently when sketching. You might want to have a few attempts on a practise page and trial different objects before your final piece.



Take part in a Cosmic Kids Yoga session. (You tube)




6/1/21      Remote Learning

Good morning. Well done to those of you who have already made a good start on yesterdays work and sent it to us. We are in the process of making you packs to send out to support you with your maths learning however we are having technical difficulties as the photocopier is tired as it working hard after its Christmas break. We will have them to you asap. 


English: Today we would like you to write a description or a set of instructions about your toy/ how to use it that you drew yesterday for art. What is the purpose of your writing ? Entertain? Inform? What do you need to help the reader? How should you set your work out to make it clear? What features should you include? We expect to see around half a page of neat writing for this activity. 


Maths: Today we are recapping our subtraction skills that we learnt before the Christmas break. Remember draw or write your working out. ALWAYs start with the ones column and exchange if you do not have enough.


84 - 52 =                              73 - 39 =                           81 - 57 =

653 - 321 =                          563 - 239 =                       742 - 381 =

824 - 288 =                          329 - 189 =                       523 - 187 =


PSHE: Can you draw a feelings monster about how you are feeling today. How are you feeling? What words can you use to describe this feeling? What colours match that emotion? Can you draw a second feelings monster of a new emotion. Please send pictures of all your work. 


Reading: Access MYON and read a book for at least 15 minutes


Remote learning 



Good morning. We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break and enjoyed some nice family time in the snow.What a strange position we find ourselves in again. As before your daily lessons will be found here by 9am. ALL CHILDREN are expected to complete work and send a picture of it to the Y3 email address at at the end of every day. The Year 3 team will be replying to these emails between 9am-3pm. If you have any problems please email us straight away so we can rectify this. 


Todays work 5/1/21


English: Write your teacher a letter (or email) about a day that you have had over the Christmas break. This could be fiction or non-fiction so make it is as exciting and adventurous as you like. Can you use adjectives and adverbs to add detail to engage the reader? Don't forget your basic skills of full stops, capital letters and your joined up handwriting. 


Maths: Can you remember the method we learnt on how to add? Solve these sums by drawing your base 10 or using the written method. Don't forget to exchange when the number is too large for the column. 


23 + 56 =  [  ]                                 [  ] = 47 + 52                          49+36 = [  ]

422 + 325 = [  ]                              [  ] = 618 + 168                       374 + 352 = [  ]


True or False?

435 + 212 = 647                            535 + 149 = 674


Art: Draw a picture of one of your favourite toy. Colour it in and label it. We will be using this for English tomorrow. 


PE: How many..... in a minute? How many of each these exercises can you do in a minute?

Star jumps

Hopping on one leg

Pencil jump



Can you hold a plank position for a minute?




If your child finds this work too difficult please let us know as we are providing differentiated activities for those who need it. Those pupils who we emailed work to during our isolation period, we will do this again from Thursday. You will also be receiving a pack with appropriate work in. 


Please remember you also have access to myon an online library and ttrockstars a webpage to help develop multiplication knowledge.

Year 3 Homework

We will be setting our homework here via the school website. Please check in to see the tasks set.


Weekly Homework Expectations

Reading: Daily 15 mins. This should be a mixture of reading online via myon and your reading book sent from school. Please ensure your reading book is in school everyday so we can listen to your child read.


Maths: 25 mins over the week of ttrockstars (5 mins approximately a day). Multiplication practice is essential. 


Task: 1 hour a weekWe will be setting open ended tasks linked to our curriculum (often our wider curriculum geography,science,art etc.). We will give you a few weeks to complete these tasks and often they will be creative ways to demonstrate our curriculum learning. If we give you 3 weeks to complete the task we expect the work handed in, to show 3 hours worth of work. We are always happy to provide you with resources if you need anything, please ask a member of the team.


This work will be set here on the class page. 




Homework A:

Set: 6/11/20   To be returned:30/11/20


In Year 3 we are completing more creative and imaginative homework which is linked to our learning in class. Our first task is Science. In class we are learning all about the human body. We would like you to create a piece of work that teaches people about bones and muscles. The more creative the better! This could be a life size model, an information booklet, a song, a poster, a 3D model absolutely anything! 

Here are some ideas:


We have given you three weeks to complete the task so we are expecting something good!! If you need any resources to help you make something please ask one of the Year 3 team - we are happy to give you anything that we have in stock at school to help you! 

These are some of the pictures of the fantastic homework produced by the children in 3T!

Forest School wb 9.11.20

This week we had our first Forest School session outside in the Forest School area (in between the 2 playgrounds). We had a great time and already started developing a range of skills. We had to investigate, adapt and explore the area and how we could use the resources. We also had to develop our team work skills and physical skills. We climbed trees, built shelters, made dens in the bushes and a few us even got chance to use the saw.

  Congratulations 3H ttrockstar Champions!  

243 points Vs  79 points


Special shout out to the top three scorers 

Victory 3H

Rosie 3H

Finlay 3T


I have set up a further battle for over half term if you want to play! Come on 3T let's see if you can win!!!

Home Learning

Black History

Yesterday at school everyone celebrated Black History Month. As a school we try and ensure we deliver a diverse curriculum learning about people from all over the world including the UK. 


Today your learning will be a little different we are setting you a challenge. Can you find out what these people are famous for? You can research on the internet or ask family members. Can you write a couple of simple sentences about each of them.



We hope you all have a great half term and we will see you back at school on Monday 2nd November.


Keep safe.



Thursday 22nd October

Good morning. We hope you are all well. Not long left in our isolation now. What have you been missing the most about not being allowed to go anywhere? What is one of the first things you want to do? I want to go for a long walk through the woods near my house and take my baby to the park.



Today is our last lesson on the BFG oak academy work. Today you will be learning a spelling rule looking at suffixes. Can you remember what a suffix is?


Let me know how you did in turning the words into past tense and also send a picture of your spelling practice (you can be as imaginative and creative as you like!)



Today you will be practising counting in 50s

1) Watch the lesson here

2) Complete the true or false

3) Answer your worksheet


Wednesday 21st October 

Good morning. I am sorry this is late today I have had a few technical issues. 


Keep up the good work on the ttrockstar battle. 3H are currently in the lead so make sure you are all helping out your team as it could all change by Friday!! You can help your team win by playing any game on ttrockstars.



Today in English we are continuing with the BFG lessons.


Remember to send us your work as we love receiving your emails so we can see how you are finding the work! Today you can send us your adjectives and also your adjective, adjective, noun sentences.



Today you are ordering numbers to 1,000.


1) Watch the video


2) Complete the true or false question below


3) Complete your worksheet and send it to us.




Tuesday 20th October

Today I have set up a ttrockstars battle 3H Vs 3T it starts today at 8am and finishes at 3pm on Friday. Which class will be Champions? To help out your class log in to ttrockstars and take part in the battle. You do this by playing any game! You can see how your class are doing at the top of your screen.


Today in English you will be looking at vocabulary and which words can add effect to our writing.

Watch todays lesson below:

Then send us a photograph of how you have used the words into your own sentences. 



Today we are continuing looking at comparing numbers to 1,000

1) Watch the video lesson


2) Answer the true or false question

3) Complete the worksheet in your new pack (I have attached it below)



Monday 19th October

We hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. It was lovely chatting to some of you last week and speaking to your parents to hear how you have been finding the work. A big well done to all those children who have been sending in their work to email account. All the adults at school have loved seeing how well you have been doing- keep it up! 



For English we are continuing with the oak academy work on the BFG. We are now on Lesson 4:


You can send us a photograph of your table showing the action and feeling words for image 4,5 and 6 that you have come up with.



In Maths we are looking at comparing objects to 1,000


1) Please watch the lesson here to practice the skills :

2) Answer the True or False question below (you don't need to send this back to us)

3) Complete the work sheet below ( You should have been sent a second work pack or been given it from your brother or sister -  it has this weeks maths worksheets included. Please let us know if you've had any issues with this)


           Friday 16th October

Happy Friday! Thank you again for all the wonderful work we have recieved so far. Please don't forget to share your work with us through the class email account and one of the Year 3 team will get back to you. We have also been keeping a close eye on myon and ttrockstars and can see what fabulous work some of you have been doing. Next week we will be setting up a ttrockstar battle so get practising! 


You should be getting a new set of maths sheets today or Monday for next weeks maths lessons. For those of you who have siblings in school they may be passed on via them. 



Today you will be completing the next lesson on the BFG. This is a grammar lesson looking at using the correct tense. You do not need to send us anything but feel free to let us know how you did with the spellings.



Today we are moving on to finding 1 ,10 and 100 more or less than a 3 digit number. 

1) Watch the lesson :

2) Answer the True or False question below.

3) Complete the worksheet in your pack. I have added it below (this should be the last one in your pack).


Thursday 15th October


Hello, Thank you to those children who have sent their work from Wednesday already to the class email account. It was lovely to see your Traction Man stories and Number line work. We have also been keeping an eye on who has been logging on to their ttrockstars and myon accounts. If you can not remember your log in details please get in touch and we will send them to you.



We are moving on to a new English unit for the rest of our home learning. It is based on the BFG. Have any of you read this book before or seen the movies?


Watch the lesson 1 by following the link


Is this a fiction or non fiction text? How do you know? Is the purpose of the BFG to inform, entertain or persuade?


Please send us a picture of your sketch of the setting which has those amazing adjectives on it. 



Today in Maths we are moving on to numberlines to 1,000. This uses the skills we practised yesterday.

Watch and complete the lesson below:


Now answer the True and False question below (remembering to prove your answer) then complete the worksheet that should be in your pack. I have put a copy of it below so you know which one it is. 




Wednesday 14th October

Please keep your eye on this web page. Every day we will set your English and Maths work that needs to be completed and sent back to us in one email to


You need to do this alongside a little bit of your task pack (every day) that has been sent home to you. A bit like how at school we will do English and Maths in the morning and then Science or Geography in the afternoon. You will complete the English and Maths set here in the morning and your task pack in the afternoon (but the bonus of being at home is you can do it in any order you like!!)


If you are regularly finding the work set too hard please let us know and we can help!



Can you write up the story of Traction Man on his sink adventure that we have been looking and planning for in class?

Watch the story of Traction Man:

Think about what you put on your story map and what adjectives and adverbs you had chosen. Here is Miss Glaysher's.

Remember we want to see:

  • Full stops and capital letters
  • Adjectives (words that describe nouns)
  • Adverbs (words that describe verbs/ doing words)
  • Exclamation marks
  • Phonics
  • Good handwriting


  • Can you use a comma in a list?
  • Can you use a word that has a contracted form e.g. don’t



We are going to continue to look at number lines as a lot of us have found them quite difficult. We are working on numbers to 100 today as a recap. 

  • Watch the video on number lines to 100

  • Complete the True or False question below
  • Complete the worksheet on number lines to 100 (this should be in your pack but will look like the one below)


Stay in touch!

Welcome to our Year 3 Page



Teacher: Miss Glaysher

TAs: Mr Dowling and Mr Brown



Teacher: Mrs Delaney

TAs: Miss Ollerenshaw and Mr Brown


PE : Our class PE day is on Tuesdays. Remember to wear your PE kit to school. This includes yellow T-shirt, school jumper, blue shorts and trainers. As the weather gets colder you may wear tracksuit bottoms. 



- Reading: Daily. This can be completed with a real book or via myon (see below) You can then quiz on the book you have read

- Maths: Weekly. You need to be practising your x2, x5,x10 times tables. By the end of Year 3 you need to know x2, x3, x4, x5, x7 and x10. You can practice this on ttrock stars (see below)

- Spellings: This will start soon. You need to practise these every week ready for the test on a Friday.


Please feel free to email the class page if you have any questions or queries. If it is important please come and speak to us in person. 

    Happy Reading! 


We know that some of you will be looking out for lots more books to read and quiz on. We now have access to over 7,000 digital (online) books for you to read for pleasure. 


Go to the following website:-                                          



Mr Litten talked to us via our web chat the other day about how to use the website. When you have read the book, you can complete a quiz. We will be keeping track to see how many of you have read and quizzed! 


If you cannot remember your log in please email and we will get back to you.

  Which class will be best?

Remember you have access to ttrockstars. Each of you have your own log in. We will be doing challenges to see which class are the champions! Remember you can practice and then go to battle and perform! 




(please email us if you cannot remember you log in details)