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Year 3

Year 3 Homework

We will be setting our homework here via the school website. Please check in to see the tasks set.


Weekly Homework Expectations

Reading: Daily 15 mins. This should be a mixture of reading online via myon and your reading book sent from school. Please ensure your reading book is in school everyday so we can listen to your child read.


Maths: 25 mins over the week of ttrockstars (5 mins approximately a day). Multiplication practice is essential. 


Task: 1 hour a weekWe will be setting open ended tasks linked to our curriculum (often our wider curriculum geography,science,art etc.). We will give you a few weeks to complete these tasks and often they will be creative ways to demonstrate our curriculum learning. If we give you 3 weeks to complete the task we expect the work handed in, to show 3 hours worth of work. We are always happy to provide you with resources if you need anything, please ask a member of the team.


This work will be set here on the class page. 




Homework A:

Set: 6/11/20   To be returned:30/11/20


In Year 3 we are completing more creative and imaginative homework which is linked to our learning in class. Our first task is Science. In class we are learning all about the human body. We would like you to create a piece of work that teaches people about bones and muscles. The more creative the better! This could be a life size model, an information booklet, a song, a poster, a 3D model absolutely anything! 

Here are some ideas:


We have given you three weeks to complete the task so we are expecting something good!! If you need any resources to help you make something please ask one of the Year 3 team - we are happy to give you anything that we have in stock at school to help you! 

Forest School wb 9.11.20

This week we had our first Forest School session outside in the Forest School area (in between the 2 playgrounds). We had a great time and already started developing a range of skills. We had to investigate, adapt and explore the area and how we could use the resources. We also had to develop our team work skills and physical skills. We climbed trees, built shelters, made dens in the bushes and a few us even got chance to use the saw.

  Congratulations 3H ttrockstar Champions!  

243 points Vs  79 points


Special shout out to the top three scorers 

Victory 3H

Rosie 3H

Finlay 3T


I have set up a further battle for over half term if you want to play! Come on 3T let's see if you can win!!!

Home Learning

Black History

Yesterday at school everyone celebrated Black History Month. As a school we try and ensure we deliver a diverse curriculum learning about people from all over the world including the UK. 


Today your learning will be a little different we are setting you a challenge. Can you find out what these people are famous for? You can research on the internet or ask family members. Can you write a couple of simple sentences about each of them.



We hope you all have a great half term and we will see you back at school on Monday 2nd November.


Keep safe.



Thursday 22nd October

Good morning. We hope you are all well. Not long left in our isolation now. What have you been missing the most about not being allowed to go anywhere? What is one of the first things you want to do? I want to go for a long walk through the woods near my house and take my baby to the park.



Today is our last lesson on the BFG oak academy work. Today you will be learning a spelling rule looking at suffixes. Can you remember what a suffix is?


Let me know how you did in turning the words into past tense and also send a picture of your spelling practice (you can be as imaginative and creative as you like!)



Today you will be practising counting in 50s

1) Watch the lesson here

2) Complete the true or false

3) Answer your worksheet


Wednesday 21st October 

Good morning. I am sorry this is late today I have had a few technical issues. 


Keep up the good work on the ttrockstar battle. 3H are currently in the lead so make sure you are all helping out your team as it could all change by Friday!! You can help your team win by playing any game on ttrockstars.



Today in English we are continuing with the BFG lessons.


Remember to send us your work as we love receiving your emails so we can see how you are finding the work! Today you can send us your adjectives and also your adjective, adjective, noun sentences.



Today you are ordering numbers to 1,000.


1) Watch the video


2) Complete the true or false question below


3) Complete your worksheet and send it to us.




Tuesday 20th October

Today I have set up a ttrockstars battle 3H Vs 3T it starts today at 8am and finishes at 3pm on Friday. Which class will be Champions? To help out your class log in to ttrockstars and take part in the battle. You do this by playing any game! You can see how your class are doing at the top of your screen.


Today in English you will be looking at vocabulary and which words can add effect to our writing.

Watch todays lesson below:

Then send us a photograph of how you have used the words into your own sentences. 



Today we are continuing looking at comparing numbers to 1,000

1) Watch the video lesson


2) Answer the true or false question

3) Complete the worksheet in your new pack (I have attached it below)



Monday 19th October

We hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. It was lovely chatting to some of you last week and speaking to your parents to hear how you have been finding the work. A big well done to all those children who have been sending in their work to email account. All the adults at school have loved seeing how well you have been doing- keep it up! 



For English we are continuing with the oak academy work on the BFG. We are now on Lesson 4:


You can send us a photograph of your table showing the action and feeling words for image 4,5 and 6 that you have come up with.



In Maths we are looking at comparing objects to 1,000


1) Please watch the lesson here to practice the skills :

2) Answer the True or False question below (you don't need to send this back to us)

3) Complete the work sheet below ( You should have been sent a second work pack or been given it from your brother or sister -  it has this weeks maths worksheets included. Please let us know if you've had any issues with this)


           Friday 16th October

Happy Friday! Thank you again for all the wonderful work we have recieved so far. Please don't forget to share your work with us through the class email account and one of the Year 3 team will get back to you. We have also been keeping a close eye on myon and ttrockstars and can see what fabulous work some of you have been doing. Next week we will be setting up a ttrockstar battle so get practising! 


You should be getting a new set of maths sheets today or Monday for next weeks maths lessons. For those of you who have siblings in school they may be passed on via them. 



Today you will be completing the next lesson on the BFG. This is a grammar lesson looking at using the correct tense. You do not need to send us anything but feel free to let us know how you did with the spellings.



Today we are moving on to finding 1 ,10 and 100 more or less than a 3 digit number. 

1) Watch the lesson :

2) Answer the True or False question below.

3) Complete the worksheet in your pack. I have added it below (this should be the last one in your pack).


Thursday 15th October


Hello, Thank you to those children who have sent their work from Wednesday already to the class email account. It was lovely to see your Traction Man stories and Number line work. We have also been keeping an eye on who has been logging on to their ttrockstars and myon accounts. If you can not remember your log in details please get in touch and we will send them to you.



We are moving on to a new English unit for the rest of our home learning. It is based on the BFG. Have any of you read this book before or seen the movies?


Watch the lesson 1 by following the link


Is this a fiction or non fiction text? How do you know? Is the purpose of the BFG to inform, entertain or persuade?


Please send us a picture of your sketch of the setting which has those amazing adjectives on it. 



Today in Maths we are moving on to numberlines to 1,000. This uses the skills we practised yesterday.

Watch and complete the lesson below:


Now answer the True and False question below (remembering to prove your answer) then complete the worksheet that should be in your pack. I have put a copy of it below so you know which one it is. 




Wednesday 14th October

Please keep your eye on this web page. Every day we will set your English and Maths work that needs to be completed and sent back to us in one email to


You need to do this alongside a little bit of your task pack (every day) that has been sent home to you. A bit like how at school we will do English and Maths in the morning and then Science or Geography in the afternoon. You will complete the English and Maths set here in the morning and your task pack in the afternoon (but the bonus of being at home is you can do it in any order you like!!)


If you are regularly finding the work set too hard please let us know and we can help!



Can you write up the story of Traction Man on his sink adventure that we have been looking and planning for in class?

Watch the story of Traction Man:

Think about what you put on your story map and what adjectives and adverbs you had chosen. Here is Miss Glaysher's.

Remember we want to see:

  • Full stops and capital letters
  • Adjectives (words that describe nouns)
  • Adverbs (words that describe verbs/ doing words)
  • Exclamation marks
  • Phonics
  • Good handwriting


  • Can you use a comma in a list?
  • Can you use a word that has a contracted form e.g. don’t



We are going to continue to look at number lines as a lot of us have found them quite difficult. We are working on numbers to 100 today as a recap. 

  • Watch the video on number lines to 100

  • Complete the True or False question below
  • Complete the worksheet on number lines to 100 (this should be in your pack but will look like the one below)


Stay in touch!

Welcome to our Year 3 Page



Teacher: Miss Glaysher

TAs: Mr Dowling and Mr Brown



Teacher: Mrs Delaney

TAs: Miss Ollerenshaw and Mr Brown


PE : Our class PE day is on Tuesdays. Remember to wear your PE kit to school. This includes yellow T-shirt, school jumper, blue shorts and trainers. As the weather gets colder you may wear tracksuit bottoms. 



- Reading: Daily. This can be completed with a real book or via myon (see below) You can then quiz on the book you have read

- Maths: Weekly. You need to be practising your x2, x5,x10 times tables. By the end of Year 3 you need to know x2, x3, x4, x5, x7 and x10. You can practice this on ttrock stars (see below)

- Spellings: This will start soon. You need to practise these every week ready for the test on a Friday.


Please feel free to email the class page if you have any questions or queries. If it is important please come and speak to us in person. 

    Happy Reading! 


We know that some of you will be looking out for lots more books to read and quiz on. We now have access to over 7,000 digital (online) books for you to read for pleasure. 


Go to the following website:-                                          



Mr Litten talked to us via our web chat the other day about how to use the website. When you have read the book, you can complete a quiz. We will be keeping track to see how many of you have read and quizzed! 


If you cannot remember your log in please email and we will get back to you.

  Which class will be best?

Remember you have access to ttrockstars. Each of you have your own log in. We will be doing challenges to see which class are the champions! Remember you can practice and then go to battle and perform! 




(please email us if you cannot remember you log in details)