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Year 2

Monday 29th June

Good Morning 

We hope you are all well and not feeling too fed up with the rain. It is hard when you can not go outside and have fun. Instead of going outside think about what fun you could have inside. You could play a game, watch a film or even complete a puzzle.

We like puzzles at Holy Trinity. Can you complete these puzzles?


Can you crack the codes and find the value of each animal?

Can you crack the codes and find the value of each animal? 1

Can you find 6 words hidden in the picture?

Can you find 6 words hidden in the picture? 1

What games and puzzles have you been playing at home?

Email us at and tell us about the games you have been playing.


Take care, keep smiling and be kind



Monday 22nd June

Good Morning Year 2. 

We hope you have had a good week and everyone is happy, safe and well.

This week the staff in Year 2 have been thinking about what makes us happy and helps pass the time whilst we are not in school. Keeping active helps keep your body and mind healthy is a great way to stay occupied. Skipping, riding a bike, trampolining and running are all great ways to stay active. What have you been doing at home to stay active? 

The Youth Sports Trust is challenging us all to take part in a sports day at home. Take a look at the some ideas here:

You could also have a go at the activities below and email some pictures of yourself completing the challenges. Remember our email is


Have fun, stay active and work as a team with your family members.


Take care x

Monday 15th June 2020

Good Morning. 

We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine this weekend. It feels like we have been off school for a long time and all of the teachers are missing you. We all agreed that we miss sharing stories with you. We love reading books in class with you, talking about and sharing books is always so much fun. Who has been reading at home? Remember reading a book can help you go on adventure. Books allow you to meet new people, travel to far away places and step in to an imaginary world of fun and mystery.

We want to challenge you! How many of the 100 recommended books have you read? Email us and tell us how many of these books you have read -


Keep working hard, helping your adults at home and smiling.


See you all soon smiley


Monday 8th June

Good Morning everyone.

We hope you are staying safe, keeping healthy and being kind to everyone at home. 

We are so impressed with all your hard work and the emails everyone is sending in. We are also pleased that people are still using Timestable Rockstars - Keep up the good work. There is another competition this week. Who will be the champion this week?

Since being away from School many people have had to celebrate their birthdays and other special occasions. Being away from your friends and family can be hard especially when you have something special to celebrate so here is a little song for everyone that has had a lock down birthday.

Take care this week and be kind and helpful at home 

From everyone in Year 2

Monday 1st June


Good morning year 2 :) 


We hope you are all safe and smiling! Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather? What have you been doing? Please let us know on the class email- 

We miss you lots and lots heart


From all  the Y2 staff!



Monday 18th May 

Good Morning Year 2.

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the focus is 'kindness matters'. We have been thinking about all the kind acts we see from Year 2 when we are in school like sharing toys, helping someone when they are stick, asking someone to play when they are alone. 

Miss Borrell's neighbour was very kind this weekend and gave her a small tree to plan in her garden. This made Miss Borrell smile. Have you been kind this weekend?

We have set ourselves a challenge to do a kind act everyday. Are you going to do this challenge with us? Think about what kindness means to you and what you can do at home to show kindness. Also think about what others do around you that shows kindness. Take a look at the website with your family at home: 

Whilst you are being kind also remember to keep working hard on Timestable Rockstars...2T beat 2H again!!! COME ON 2H....let's see if we can beat them this week. Also remember our new reading books online at :

We would love to see pictures of your work and your acts of kindness so remember to send us an email at


Take care, keep smiling and be kind yes

Scholastics reading site

We have access to a site with lots of reading books that you can read and then answer questions. Your teacher can set you reading books and see how well you are reading. There are lots of books to choose from. Follow the link below.


 Your user name is the first letter of your first name and the first 4 letters of your surname and then HT

Miss Borrell’s would be  - mborrHT

Your password is year2h


Good morning Y2, 

How is everyone? I hope we all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. I was out on a walk when I saw lots of decorations, I realised these were to celebrate VE day! Does anyone know what this is? Maybe you created your own decorations or had a celebration in your house, you could send us some pictures to the class email. I created some bunting to put up, but I also spotted balloons and banners. 

We are missing you lots, so it has been lovely to hear from lots of you on the class email, well done to those children! 


We hope you are safe, smiling and happy :) 



Click here to see some of the work you have been doing from home.


Good morning Year 2, this week we have some messages from the year 2 staff! Don’t forget to let us know how you are doing through the class email!

Special message to all the children and families. We are missing you and hope you are staying safe. I have been keeping myself busy at home by doing some work and I baked some cookies this week. Also, when I went on one of my daily walks, I saw some Llamas at the farm instead of the usual sheep and lambs. I was very excited to see them, but I stayed back. What exciting things have you been doing at home?'

Hopefully we will see you all again soon. Take care everyone and stay safe.

Love Miss Patel.


Hi Everyone, It’s Miss Glaysher here, I hope you’re all ok. I know it’s tough being at home all the time, but I hope your finding fun things to keep you busy and activities to keep your brain active. I have mainly been looking after my baby and keeping him entertained. We have been doing some painting, reading stories and building towers (which he loves to knock down!) and going for walks in a small woods by my house. When he is having his naps I have been reading some online books, doing some maths puzzles like sudoku and also making some embroidery pictures (when you stitch a picture with a needle and thread) which I haven’t done for a long time. What have you been doing? Have you learnt any new skills or practiced any old skills like me? Keep safe and would love to hear from you soon! 
From Miss Glaysher 

Here is us on one of walks in the woods! 



Hi Year 2,


I have been enjoying my daily exercise with Shelby.  I have even been teaching him to fetch a ball!

From Miss Borrell




Good Morning year 2,


I hope you are all safe and smiling and have been having lots of fun at home with your families! I have been going on walks this week, and I have also been checking the class email, it made me so happy to read about what some of the children have been up to! I think we will have lots to talk about when we are together again.

Love Miss McKirgan x




Hello everyone in Year 2, it's Miss Patel. Hope you are well and staying safe. 

I have been doing lots of walking and baking cupcakes and cookies. I have also painted my garden fence whilst the sun was shining. I would love to see and hear more about what everyone has been up to through our Y2 email. Send in photos of your baking if you have done any. I know some of you have been learning new skills, like learning to ride a bike. Has anybody else tried something new? 


I hope to see you all soon, take care and stay safe.


We miss you all lots.

Love Miss Patel xx


Monday 27th April

Good morning Year 2. We miss you all!

Good morning Year 2

Well done 2T you beat 2H again with a score of 10,012. 2H were not far behind with 7,202. A super high five to Mirabel and Matthew who were class champions with the highest scores. We also think that Meredith, Ethan, Paul, David, Mia, Adebola, Azenose, Nathaniel, Lucy, Evie and Bemenet did an amazing job too. Who will be our next class champions? The contest begins today at 2pm.

Thank you to those children who have emailed us. We have received some amazing artwork, photos of work and even videos. These make us smile and we are very proud of all your hard work! We would love to hear what you have been up to at home or share any work you have completed. If you or your parents have an email account, you can contact us at We can only answer emails during the school day so don't worry if we don't get back to you straight away. If you are going to email us, please ensure you have your parent's permission. We have been busy baking whilst we have been off, Miss McKirgan has baked some cupcakes for her friend's birthday and Miss Borrell has made some cheese scones. Have any of you been helping with the cooking or baking at home?

This week we are going to choose 5 of our favourite books to read and share them with each other. I wonder if we will like the same books? We have found some great resources here Let us know what you think.

Remember to always be kind and helpful at home, helping others can bring a smile to everyone's face.

Take care,

Miss Borrell & Miss McKirgan


Extra Challenge - Can you list a book you have read for every letter of the alphabet? A - Aliens love underpants, B - Beauty and the Beast, C - .... Email us your lists. 

Missing maths? Take a look here for 5 maths lessons. Each there will be new lessons -

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25

Monday 20th April

Still image for this video

Year 2 curriculum overview- spring

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 page. The children will be taught by

Miss Borrell and Miss McKirgan

Our Year 2 staff team will also include Miss Patel, Miss Ollerenshaw & Miss Lynn

Things to Remember

Reading Books should be brought to school each day. It is important that your child reads every night and that you sign the home reading record every time you read with your child. Books can be changed throughout the week. Each day we keep a record of who has brought their reading book in to school. Children can earn stickers for every 5 books they read.


Homework will be sent out on a Friday and must be returned by Wednesday (or earlier). Each week we will send a piece of Maths and English homework. Spellings will be sent home on a Tuesday and children will be tested on Mondays. Children that do not complete the homework will be required to complete the homework in their own time. All homework must be completed neatly.

PE Year 2 do PE on a Wednesday. Make sure that you have your PE kits in school on these days :- yellow t-shirt, blue shorts and pumps or trainers for outdoor games. 


This is what we will be learning this term:


In English we will be using books, images and videos to help inspire our writing. We will be writing to inform and to entertain and working on including all of the year 2 writing targets which include using a range of punctuation, using expanded noun phrases, adverbs and conjunctions to add detail and ensure our writing in interesting.



In Maths, we will continue to work on our number and place value skills which will include making, counting and reading numbers up to 100. We also will be counting in 2, 5, 10's and 3's. Alongside this, we will continue to build on our addition and subtraction skills. We will be adding and subtraction  2 digit numbers using both mental and formal strategies. Throughout the term we will be looking at money which will include the value of coins and notes, multiplication and division and also and also telling the time.



As part of our topic we will become Geographers and we will learn about the oceans, continents and some of the different climates on Earth. We will also focus on our local area and what it has to offer and we will create our ow map of our school.  We will be using maps, globes and google earth to help us. We will also be researching significant people and using this to help inspire our writing.



We will be looking at animals, habitats and food chains. We will be investigating different habitats as well as sorting and classifying different animals and how their bodies differ.



In PE we will continue to build on our running throwing and catching skills as well as our team building skills.



We will be looking at the symbols of Easter and its importance.