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Friday 15th January


We have come to the end of are story 'How to hide a lion', I have really enjoyed this book, have you? Today we would like you to complete a book review. 

Thursday 14th January

Well done on finishing your story! Today we are going to edit and improve our work.

First of all, re read your work can you spot any mistakes that you could correct?

Secondly, ask someone in your house to read it with you, they might spot a mistake that you missed.

Finally, can you see anywhere that you could improve, maybe by adding an adjective?

You will find an example of an edited and improved piece of work in your pack.


Wednesday 12th January

Lesson 7.

Today we are going to use our story maps to continue to rewrite ‘How to hide a lion’.

What do we need to include in our writing?

  • Finger spaces
  • Full stops
  • Neat handwriting
  • Adjectives
  • Checking our spelling

Continue your writing from yesterday until you have got to the end of the story, remember to keep check your work as you write! I am looking forward to reading your retells! 

Tuesday 12th January


Today we are going to use our story maps to rewrite ‘How to hide a lion’ using the story maps we created yesterday.

What do we need to include in our writing?

  • Finger spaces
  • Full stops
  • Neat handwriting
  • Adjectives
  • Checking our spelling

We only want you to write up to the part when the lion keeps falling asleep. So, take your time. We can’t wait to read your story.

Lesson 5.


Today you are going to create a story map. In each box draw a scene from the book in order. You can then write some key words around the pictures.


Once you have done this can you tell the story to someone in your house using you story map?

Here is an example:

Lesson 4.


We have been working really hard on using amazing adjectives (describing words) to help make our writing more exciting.



Today we are going to use adjectives to describe the lion in our story. Think of words to describe how he looks and his personality.

Lesson 3 - Freeze Frame.


For English today we would like you to choose your favourite part of the story and create a Freeze Frame for this part of the story.  A Freeze Frame is when you pretend to be the characters from the story and you act out the part of the story which you like best. Then you pretend to press the pause button so that you are frozen.  Whilst you are frozen in this position you need to think about what is happening in the story and how this is making the character you are pretending to be feel.  Whilst you are frozen you need to ask somebody to take a picture of you in this position or you could draw a picture of yourself in this position.  We would then like you to write in your Home Learning book or on the sheet in your pack what you are doing and how you are feeling.  Finally please send us a picture of your work!  Remember to have fun!




Lesson 2 -  Speech Bubble


In English today we are going to be thinking about how the lion in the story feels.  To help you to do this you will need to watch the video of Mrs Drayson reading the story 'How to catch a lion'.  You can listen to this by following this link -


Before you begin writing your speech bubble think about how the lion feels at different points in the story and why he might be feeling these emotions.  Pick your favourite part of the story and write a speech bubble that tells Iris how he is feeling.


Here is an example which I have completed.  My favourite part of the story is when the lion gets his hat from the Lord Mayor.  I think at this point in the story that the lion looks happy because he is smiling, he is content because his eyes are shut and he is proud because he is being rewarded for catching the burglars.  


Lesson 1.

Can you predict what is going to happen in this book from the front cover? Use the words and images to help you.