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Music Curriculum



At Holy Trinity we want all children to have access to high quality, practical and engaging music experiences.  We want to provide all of our children with the opportunities, skills, knowledge and understanding to develop a lifelong love of music.  Our aim is to give them a secure foundation, and a clear progression, that gives them the tools to reach their full musical potential.



At Holy Trinity music is taught using the SingUp curriculum.  Music is taught weekly from Nursery through to Year 6.  Music is taught for 30 mins a week in EYFS, 40 mins in KS1 and 50 mins in KS2.  


All children develop skills in singing, playing instruments, composing and listening.  Weekly lessons are practical and include use of a number of untuned and tuned percussion instruments.  Singing is a regular feature of our weekly lessons and in addition to this, children have weekly singing assemblies where vocal and ensemble skills are developed.  


Children in Year 3 receive ensemble violin tuition, and in Year 5&6 receive whole class Samba tuition.  This is provided by a visiting music specialist.  


Throughout the school year we have a number of musical events and performance opportunities for our children.  All children perform to each other in our termly singing squares and we all sing together in our Christmas and Easter church services.  We celebrate World Music Day each year with a day full of musical activities including a concert performed by individual children and extra curricular groups.  


We currently have a year 5&6 Singing club and a year 4&5 Ukulele club.  These after school clubs run throughout the year and are open to any child that wishes to join.  We perform to children in the school, to parents and to members of our local community.  We are always looking for more opportunities for our community to hear the music we make.  Plans are 

underway for a KS2 musical and for a wider variety of extra curricular groups in the future.



We want music to be loved and appreciated by all staff and children in our school.

Our children will:

  • Have the skills to play a variety of untuned and tuned percussion instruments.  They will be able to maintain the beat and perform a number of contrasting rhythm patterns, particularly polyrhythms in Samba. 
  • Read rhythm notation and perform it on percussion instruments.  Read and understand pitch notation
  • Appreciate music from a variety of cultures and be able to use aural skills to identify instruments, musical elements and key features.
  • Will be confident to explore their creativity through performing, composing and singing.
  • Be given a variety of extracurricular opportunities.
  • Had opportunities to listen to live music in different contexts and perform to each other.


Big Ideas and Skills Progression