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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class page.

It has been so nice to welcome all our children back to school and into a new school year.  The children have had a great first day saying hello to their friends and getting to know their new teachers.  They have enjoyed reconnecting with their friends, listening to some stories and showing off their great Maths and English skills.


Meet our teachers!

In 2H our teachers are Mr Clavin, Miss Edwards and Miss Ewa.

In 2T our teachers are Mrs Drayson, Miss Lynn and Miss Ewa.

We are very lucky that we also have Miss Borell and Miss Jackson to help us with our learning.


Important Notices.

Reading books need to be in school everyday so that we can listen to the children read.  Books will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday.  Please make sure that you listen to your child read everyday and write a comment in their reading record book so that we know that their book needs changing.  







Thursday 4th March


Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all okay. Today is world book day! What is your favourite book and why? Let us know alongside the work you will be emailing us today. 


Here are some activities you could complete at home. 


Today we are going to make a Lost poster because Beegu’s mum and dad are missing her.  Think about what information you would need if you were looking for her. Your poster must include a description of her appearance (what she looks like) and her feelings.  It could also include information on where she was last seen and details on how to contact her mum and dad. Remember to use capital letters and full stops, 



Today we are going to continue to interpret pictograms, watch the video link and answer the questions on the sheet.




Can you make your own home made musical instrument?

Will you make a percussion, string or wind instrument.  Does make a loud or soft sound?  Is the sound high or low?




Design your own front cover for your favourite story! Don't forget to include the title of the book and the author.



Wednesday 3rdMarch


Happy Wednesday year 2! Have you been able to enjoy the sunshine after you have finished your home learning? Thank you to those children who joined the zoom yesterday, it was lovely to hear about your favourite books.



Today we are going to think about adjectives that describe Beegu.’s appearance (what she looks like) and her emotions.  Write adjectives to describe her feelings on the inside of the outline and adjectives to describe her appearance on the outside of the outline. 


Please watch the video and answer the questions on the following sheets.




In your packs you will find the resources to sequence the video we watch yesterday. Try and figure out which order the story ‘embarked’ goes in.



Today we are going to pretend we have visited a hot or cold country (you can choose). What have you seen? What was the weather like?  You are going to write a postcard from your chosen place to someone at home. Remember to include all the things you have seen and learnt on your visit! The template is in your packs.


Watch the following video and complete the activities.

Tuesday 2nd March


Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all okay. Below you will find today's learning, please remember to send it to the Year 2 email address, thank you!



Imagine that Beegu came to our playground. What would you like to ask her?  Would you like to know where she is from? What else would you like to know. Remember most questions start with who, what, where, when , why or how and they end with a question mark.  Can you think of a question using each one of these?



Today we are going to be completing an animal pictogram, you have been getting really good at handling data so I think you will find this no problem!



Watch the video and answer these questions:


Download and read Jessie & Friends: Sharing Pictures – the Storybook at


Answers these questions:

o Who did Tia want to send the pictures to at first?

o How did more people end up seeing the pictures?

o What made Mo feel sad?

o How did Ms Humphrey help Jessie, Tia and Mo?

Now you are going to draw a picture of a grown-up who helps you and write the grown-ups name, all the things they do to help you, and what you admire about them!


Activity 2: Learn the actions to the song!

 Re-watch the song on the Jessie & Friends cartoon, Episode 2 at

 If your child would like to they could perform the song for others in their family - face-to-face or on video chat, with your support!



Complete this Easter and spring themed cosmic yoga.

Monday 1st March


Good morning I hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to get outside and enjoy some sunshine! This will be are last week of home learning, please remember to email your work so we can see what a fantastic job you are doing!


Please watch this video where you will be hear the story of Beegu!


Look closely at Beegu’s ears, they help us know how she is feeling.  Look at the pictures of Beegu at different points in the story and write about how she is feeling. Use the conjunction because to explain why she is feeling this way.  Think about what is happening in the story.  Watch Mrs Drayson’s video for an example.




Today we are going to interpreting pictograms. This means we will be looking at the information shown in a pictogram and using this to answer a range of questions. Watch the video to help you answer the worksheets.





Sounds can be high or low. Watch the video to learn about how high and low sounds are made.

Some sounds can be LOUD, others can be soft.

Look at the pictures and listen to them on this class video (  Now colour in whether the sound is high or low and loud or quiet. 


Catch it, bin it, kill it! Watch the following link and complete the activity at the end:



Complete these questions as a prediction about the image. 

What do you think the story is about? 

Where is it set?  Who is in the story?

What do you think will happen?




Friday 26th February 


Good morning Year 2.  Thank you to those of you who joined our Zoom lesson yesterday, it was lovely to see your smiling faces and to share a story with you around this half terms theme of Forgiveness.  Last day of home learning before you can have a well-deserved rest at the weekend!



There were some great ideas for the speech bubbles for Beegu yesterday!  I really like how some have you have thought carefully about how she is feeling and why. I agree that she looks a little upset and worried. 

 In today’s English lesson we are going to imagine the world where Beegu comes from and draw or paint a picture of what we think her planet might look like.  Think carefully about what the sky might look like, is it a dark blue with lots of shining, shimmering stars?  What will the landscape be like? Does the planet have a purple, bumpy surface with lots of streams?   Does she blend into the background (so is the background yellow?) or does she stand out like she does on earth?  What colours might you be able to see?



Today we will be continuing our work on Statistics and creating pictograms.  In today’s lesson we are going to use the information/ data to help us to draw a pictogram.  There were some great pictograms created yesterday using the jungle and safari animals. Please watch today’s video using this link -



In R.E this half term we will be thinking about the Christian holiday of Easter.  Today we would like you to complete the pre learn activity which shows us what you already know about how Easter is celebrated and why.  Remember to also include what you would like to find out about Easter.  We would then like you to think about your favourite celebration and draw a picture of this and write a sentence describing it.



For today's reading activity we would like you to read a favourite book and talk about it with your family.  Please enjoy reading together. 


Thursday 25th February


Good morning Year 2.  We hope you are all rested and ready for another day of learning.  Today we are especially excited because we have the opportunity to see you all in our second class Zoom session.  Did you enjoy the first session?  



In today's lesson you will be looking at pictures of Beegu and think about what she might be feeling and saying.  Look closely for clues.  Are her ears up and straight which might mean she is happy or are they droopy which might mean she is sad?  Could straight ears also be a sign she is scared?  Remember you will need to look for other clues in the picture to help you.  Do you think the symbols in the speech bubbles are alien code?  Can you guess what some symbols mean?  

In the first picture we think Beegu is happy because she has found some friends.  We also think she is curious because she might be a space explorer and might think the rabbits with their long ears are her cousins.  

Remember you are writing speech bubbles so you are pretending to be Beegu.  




Did you enjoy the work we have been completing on creating tally charts?  We are now going to learn about a different type of chart.  Tally charts are very useful especially when we are counting items in groups.  If we were to count the different types of vehicles that pass school, we can make a tally every time a car, bus or lorry goes past.  However, tally charts may not be the most useful for helping us to compare the different groups.  Today we will learn how to make pictograms.  Watch the video ( and complete the worksheet in your home learning pack.  




Have you ever wondered how sounds are made?  Today we will be thinking about how different musical instruments create sound.  Some instruments have strings which are plucked, some are percussion instruments which are hit and others use wind or a musician's breath to make the sounds.  Watch the BBC video to learn about the three types of musical instrument and how they make sounds and then complete the task in your pack.



Today we are going to do something really fun! We are going to create some scribble art. Look at the picture below          and watch the video. Make sure you email us the amazing artwork you create -

Learning Gallery

Wednesday 24th February - Time to Connect  - poster challenge

In your pack you should have a poster to colour. Your task is to colour this poster and then send us a picture of your poster to We then want you to put your poster in your window for everyone to see! We want to see your posters as we walk and drive around and we want you to see them when you take your daily activities. 

Wednesday 24th February 2021


Good morning Year 2.  We hope that you are all okay and that you are ready for another day of learning!  It was great to see some of you on the class zoom call yesterday.  We hope that you enjoyed the story and we can't wait to see the masterpieces which you have created on the next zoom call on Thursday.

Have a great day learning Year 2 and we look forward to seeing your work!




Today we would like you to look at the picture and think about what you can see.  What do you like and dislike about the picture?  Is there anything that puzzles you or you would like to know?  Does the picture remind you of any other books you have read? Perhaps ones with flying saucers or aliens in them?  Have a think and then complete the sheet in your home learning pack.   



In today's lesson we will be learning how to make tally charts.  Watch the video and complete the worksheets in your home learning packs.



In today's PSHE lesson we would like you think about the importance of washing your hands and how we maintain our personal hygiene.  You will find out what personal hygiene is, learn why it is important to wash our hands and then complete a handwashing experiment.  Please follow this link to the video for today's lesson -

After you have watched the video and completed the experiment, we would like you to either write a set of instructions which tells the reader how to wash their hands or create a poster which informs the reader about what personal hygiene is.   



Today we are packing our suitcases ready to go on a holiday!  Using the suitcase templates and the pictures of the clothes in your home learning packs, sort the clothes into the right suitcases.  Which clothes would you need to take on holiday to a hot country?  Which clothes would you need to take on a holiday to a cold country?   Once you have completed this we would like you to make an invition which invites your  friend to go on holiday with you to either a hot or cold place. It needs to explain what clothing they will need to bring with them and say why.  




Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Hello Year 2. We hope you are ready for another exciting day of learning.  We are especially looking forward to seeing you all later on our first Zoom session!  Remember you must be on time, appropriately dressed and be in a suitable location, not a bedroom or bathroom.  


If you haven't received your Home Learning Pack please complete the work below in your Home Learning book.  Your pack will is either in the post or will be delivered today.  



Today we are going to begin our work on a new story, Beegu.  Look at the front cover of the book and make a prediction about what you think the story is about. Think about who is in the story and where it is set.  Remember to look for clues in the picture.  





Complete the two comprehensions in your home learning pack.  If your pack hasnt arrived please complete them when it does.  



In today's maths lesson we will be learning how to use a tally chart to record data.  Watch the video before completing the activity sheet in your home learning pack.



1. Which object has the most pictures?

2. Which object has the least number of pictures?

3. How many chicks and eggs are there in total?

4. Are there more daffodils or umbrellas?

5. How many more eggs are there than lambs?



For today's PE session we are going to join Jamie at Cosmic Kids Yoga and go on adventure with Popcorn the dolphin.  Watch and follow Jamie by following this link

Let us know if you enjoyed the adventure.  What was your favourite pose?



Today's lesson is about helping you stay stafe when online.  We would like you to complete the activities below.  Remember if you are unsure or worried about anything online speak to a trusted adult.  


Activity 1: Watch Jessie & Friends, Episode 2

Find the Jessie & Friends cartoons at

Watch Episode 2: Sharing Pictures with your child.


Answer these questions about the cartoon:

o How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures?

o What made Mo feel sad?

o How did the friends get help when they needed it?

o What did Miss Humphrey say she would do to help?


Finish by watching the song again and having a sing-along!

Note: If your child wants to watch Episode 1 too, do watch it with them! It’s aimed at younger children, but it’s still fun to watch.


Activity 2: Draw a character

Ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite character singing the funny tummy song.

Ask them to include their favourite lyrics from the song on their drawing.

Monday 22nd February 2021


Hello Year 2.

We hope that you have had a great holiday and you enjoyed the rest.  We are looking forward to seeing some great work from you this week. You will receive your next home learning pack today so in the meantime to welcome you back, we have a great day of activities for you to complete online. 

A big well done to Amber, Rital and Tim who continued the class TTRS battle during half term!  Remember a new battle starts every Monday!



We are moving on to a new story this week; this will be revealed tomorrow!  Today’s English lesson provides you with a clue about where this story will be set. 

For today’s English lesson we would like you to have a look at this picture of a story setting and describe it using adjectives.  Remember adjectives are describing words which describe the nouns - e.g. a yellow banana.  In this sentence yellow is the adjective and banana is the noun. 

When you are describing the setting think about what you can hear, see, smell, touch and taste.  Where do you think this story is set?  

Remember to write your ideas in full sentences and use capital letters, commas and full stops or exclamation marks. 



Over the years NASA has landed four robotic vehicles, called rovers, on Mars. During the half term holiday NASA’s fifth Mars rover, Perseverance (or Percy for short) completed its 480 million kilometre, seven-month journey and landed on the red planet Mars.  Percy’s mission is to collect rock and soil samples from Mars and prepare the way for future missions involving men and women.

Your reading task today is to answer the following questions using the information on the pictures below.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Mars Rovers then you can follow this link to the NASA website –




  1. What was the name of the first Rover to land on Mars?
  2. Which Rover has the best toolkit? Why?
  3. What were Spirit and Opportunity looking for on Mars?
  4. Which Rover is the heaviest?
  5. Which Rover landed on Mars in August 2012?
  6. What was special about Sojourner?
  7. What is Perseverance’s mission?
  8. Which is your favourite Rover and why?



Today we would like you to plan and go on a maths trail around your home. The first thing you will need to do is plan your trail. You could draw and label a map of your house.  It doesn't have to be perfect!  Then we would like you to complete the activities which are shown on the sheet below and send us some examples of the things that you have found.




Our next Science topic is Sound.  As an introduction into this topic we would like to watch this video and think about what is making each sound. Write the answers in your home learning book.  After you have finished this please think about the sounds you can hear in your house.  Draw and label a picture showing some of the objects that make the sounds.



Today's PSHE lesson is about being a health hero.  Watch the video by following the link below and then complete the activity. Mrs Wade asks you to make a video explaining how to brush your teeth but we would prefer you to write a set of instructions, draw some pictures or make a poster instead.  If you do decide to make a video make sure you ask a grown up for permission.

Here is the link -


Have a great day Year 2, we can't wait to see the lovely work we know you will create.