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During the Spring Term, we have been developing our understanding of using the four operation in reasoning and word problems. We have also focused on being able to use algebra to calculate equations and express formulas. 


The children in Year 6 have enhanced their understanding of working with fractions, decimals and percentages including working with the equivalents between the three. This knowledge has also been applied to problems so that the children can use and apply their knowledge to a range of mathematical concepts.


We are busy preparing for our SATs in May, however, the children's mathematical skills and abilities remain our main focus as we prepare them for their next steps in their learning journey. 


To help your child at home, you could get them to weigh and measure ingredients when cooking. Alternatively,  you could get them to estimate weight of different foods/objects around the house to help them understand a variety of weights and measures.


There are a range of websites your child could use at home, which include: