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Year 4

Monday 15th June


Good morning Year 4!


We hope you are all well and keeping busy! Thank you to all of you who are emailing work to Mr Fielden and I. Remember it doesn't just have to be work, we'd love to see any drawings you have made or hear about what you've been up to. Email with your parents' permission.


Another shout out to Vlad in 4H who posted a letter to Mr Spotwood at school, letting him know how he was!


Well done to 4T for winning the last ttrockstars battle. A new battle has started and will finish on Friday!


See you soon and take care,


Mr Spotwood and Mr Fielden


Hello Year 4 🙂


Hope you have had a lovely half term. The weather has been amazing! 


Mr Fielden shared some fantastic work that you have been making. If you have a photograph of your work, please send it to with your adult's permission. We would love to see more!


Special shout out to Vlad who produced some beautiful work including an incredible edible cake car! 


Well done 4H who have won another ttrockstars battle! Another battle has started and will last until Friday!


Take care and see you soon,


Mr Spotwood

Tuesday 26th May


I've decided to upload a special Tuesday post, to celebrate some of the amazing work that has come in from children from both year 4 classes. Me and Mr Spotwood have been receiving lots of emails showing off some of the fantastic things that you've all been up to. 


The following work is from:


Allena (4H) who has sent us in her home creation of Christmas land. Very imaginative! 


Daniel (4T) who gave us his entertaining fantasy story. Read through, can you notice any features of writing that we use in class? 


Miguel (4H) who impressed us with his maths. Mr Fielden has checked and they all looked correct to him. But can you spot any mistakes? 


Niyati (4T) who has obiously been working extremely hard over the last few weeks. I had a lot of work to chose from, but I picked this interesting looking research on Booth Hall- map included! 


Xander (4T) who has inspired us with this fantastic painting of the solar system. I was really impressed with the colours, and how realistic each planet looked. Following Xander's great diagram, can anyone name all of the planets that he's drawn?


Thank you to everyone who has sent work in, me and Mr Spotwood have enjoyed looking through it all. If you have sent work in, but it hasn't been featured on the post- don't worry! There will be more. If you would like your work to be shown off, then email it in and it will appear on the website. 

Keep working hard Year 4. 

Mr Fielden and Mr Spotwood 


Monday 25th May 


Hello Year 4!


We hope you are all OK and keeping busy. Congratulations to 4T for snatching victory in ttrockstars. That's 2 - 2 in the series. Another battle has started and will finish this Friday. Remember to log on to myon for some brilliant online reading. You can also email any of your fantastic work to with you adult's permission. 


Enjoy the sunshine this week ☀️


See you soon,


Mr Fielden and Mr Spotwood

Monday 18th May


Good morning Year 4,


Mr. Spotwood and Mr. Fielden here, checking in to see how you are! Please email us 


Top work 4H. Winners AGAIN on ttrockstars! A new battle will start this morning!


There's a fantastic new online reading resource that is linked to your accelerated reader account, called myon. There will be a video on the school website soon which will explain how to use it. Keep checking the website!


We hope you are working on your packs. We will send a new work pack out just before the half term holiday.


Take care and see you soon,


Mr. Spotwood and Mr Fielden (Mr Elsworth is too busy gardening)


Monday 11th May


Hello Year 4,


We hope you are all well, feeling happy and had a chance to enjoy the sunshine this past weekend.


We would like you to tell us if you celebrated VE Day on Friday. If you have any pictures or photographs of decorations you have made then please send them to with your adult's permission.


Well done 4H who won last week's ttrockstars battle. That means 4H are 2-1 up in the lockdown ttrockstars series but they have a chance to level the scores when a new battle will start at 10.30 am (11.05.20) and finish on 15.05.10! Good luck!


We hope to see you all soon!


Stay safe,


Mr Fielden, Mr. Elsworth and Mr Spotwood



Monday 4th May


May the fourth be with you! Hello year 4. We hope you are OK and are always thinking about you!


Firstly, congratulations to 4T for beating 4H in the ttrockstars battle! A new battle has started and will finish on Friday 8th May.


Remember to keep healthy with a balanced diet (fruit and vegetables especially important), plenty of exercise and mindfulness!


This week Mr. Fielden and I would like you to share the yummy recipes of your mums, dads, granddads, grandmas, aunties, uncles or a relative you know who makes you delicious meals. Mr. Fielden needs to work on his cooking so he needs your inspiration! Make sure you have permission from your adults when you email  Also, if you do do some cooking you must always have an adult with you. Never cook without an adult.


Take care Year 4 and see you soon,


Mr. Spotwood, Mr. Fielden and Mr. Elsworth

Monday 27th April


Hello Year 4!


We hope that you are all OK and keeping healthy and happy? If you have any top tips for keeping lockdown fun then please email Remember to get permission from your parents or carer first!


Huge congratulations to 4H for winning last weeks ttrockstars battle by a huge 16000 points! A new battle will start at 1:30pm today and finish on Friday 1st May at 12:30pm  so get rocking timestables style!


Some new work will be posted to you in the next week or so!


Take care everyone and look forward to seeing you soon!


Mr Elsworth, Miss Dootson, Mr Fielden and Mr Spotwood 

Monday 20th April


Hello year 4, hope everyone is doing well and doing their best to keep fit and exercise! 


We've been very excited to have our first email in, but we're still hoping for more. We're interested to see what you've been up to, how you've been keeping busy, or just how you might be feeling. So please keep in touch. As a reminder, our email is:

Here you can contact any of the year 4 staff. 

This week, me (Mr Fielden) and Mr Spotwood are in school! We're working resiliently to bring fun activities for those children that can't stay at home. We've both agreed that we miss our classes, and are looking forward to things getting back to the normal. I'm personally looking forward to Mr Spotwood shaving his moustache. We can only hope.  


In the coming weeks, there will be some more work going home to keep you refreshed and learning. We will give you more information when we have it. When you have completed this, or any work we set, feel free to share it with us on our email. 


Stay safe and happy


Mr Fielden, Mr Spotwood, Mr Elsworth and Ms Dootson 





Tuesday 14th April 


Good morning Year 4,


Mr Fielden and Mr Spotwood here! We hope you have had a lovely Easter! Tell us what you did or if you had any Easter eggs!


We are a bit sad because none of you lot have emailed us yet :( . Remember, if you have permission from your parent or career, then email us using . Tell us how you are doing and what you've been doing! Who do you miss more: Mr Elsworth, Ms Dootson, Mr Fielden or Mr Spotwood? Mr Fielden said that he is missing Mr Spotwood's moustache most of all!


Well done to 4H who have blast into the lead in the ttrockstars battle with 1800 points! Come on 4T, you've got two days to catch up!


Keep practising your multiplication tables every day and read lots too!


Miss you loads,


The Year 4 adults.



Teddles - Wash Your Hands

Don't forget to wash your hands, Teddles is raising awareness amidst this difficult time. Hygiene is important, if Teddles can do it, you can too.

Monday 6th April


Good morning Year 4,


Mr Fielden and I would like to check in on how you all are. We hope you are all well and have been doing lots of home learning!


If you would like to share your work with Mr Fielden and I or just let us know how you are getting on, you can email us using  Make sure that you get permission from your parents or carers first!


There will be a TTRockstars battle beginning at 4pm on Thursday 9th April and ending at 10 am on Thursday 16th April. 4H vs 4T!


Keep safe and make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds before you eat, after going to the toilet or if you have been outside.


We are missing you lots and can't wait to see you soon!


Mr Spotwood, Mr Fielden, Mr Elsworth and Ms Dootson



Monday 30th March 


Hello Year 4!


Close your eyes, make a wish, count to three...


If it worked you probably ended up in Willy Wonka's factory? If not, don't worry there are plenty of things to do:


These are things that are very important for your body and mind:


-Keep singing songs like 'Pure imagination', the 'Oompa Loompa song', 'Orinoco Flow' or 'River of Dreams' (try not to annoy your mums, dads brothers or sisters)



-Exercise daily-walking with your family is a great way to relax. Look out for nature, look at buildings and things and work out if you like them or not.

- Doodle and draw


For your learning:


- Keep reading (Even with a poorly wrist Mr Spotwood has read 9 books but Mr Fielden has only read 1. My favourite book so far is 'How to teach.' Can you beat us ?


- Log on to TTRockstars every day


We look forward to seeing you all soon! Stay safe and look after your families!


Mr Spotwood, Mr Fielden, Mr Elsworth and Ms Dootson